Mattel SDCC 2018 – Masters Of The Universe 11″ Figure Prototypes On Display


At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Mattel was planning a new She-Ra: Princess Of Power 11″ figure line to go along with the new She-Ra 11″ figure that they had released at the time. With the new She-Ra animated series coming to Netflix, Mattel is dusting off some old projects and trying once more to bring these to life. Just like last time, they are using hashtags and asking fans to show their love and support of these figures.

These hashtags include #WeWantMoreSheRa, #WeWantMoreMOTU, and #TellMattel. The more you use these hashtags, the greater the chance of these She-Ra figures getting made. This year, they are showcasing Catra, and it appears as if Netossa was cut for now. She-Ra requires the use of the hashtag #WeWantMoreSheRa and #TellMattel.

Also announced was an 11″ Teela and Evil Lyn figures, and require the use of the hashtag #WeWantMoreMOTU and #TellMattel.

Also shown were some new Masters of the Universe Retro figures by Super7. This includes Slime He-Man and Faker, as well as He-Man and Skeletor.