Diamond Select Toys The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 5 Figures Review

Diamond Select Toys The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 5 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys is now offering their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 5, which includes Easter Bunny with Igor, Wolfman with Melting Man and Vampire Jack with Batboy. This wave features the work table to build the horrible toys that they made to give to children on Christmas morning as seen in the film. This year also celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Diamond Select Toys announced addition collectibles including Select, Minimates, and dolls at this years San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 5 figures for review. 

Availability: August 2018

Each of the 2 packs come with a piece of the table that they used to make the toys as seen int he film, and each table comes with two different legs for interchangeable display options. The table comes with accessories including several ghosts as depicted in the gallery below.


Wolfman and Melting Man features a fantastic figure sculpt and loaded with sculpted textures. Wolfman stands at 6.75″ tall and includes sculpted fur that is painted in black with a dark grey wash over it. The shirt has individual squares sculpted on and has a texture on it. The deco on the shirt includes multiple colors including orange, brown and black, and there are torn parts of the shirt in the center of the front and back, as well as the right sleeve, with the fur showing through it. The legs and feet are ball hinged, and includes black nails, with the finger nails being sharp. The head sculpt looks fantastic, and he has sharp teeth, glazing yellow eyes, and pointy ears that all looks great. The neck can swivel, and the jaw unfortunately is not articulated.

Melting Man stands at slightly over 7″ tall and features a thin, lean sculpt. He is dressed in a light grey suit with sculpted texture on it, which includes the jacket and pants. There is also a yellow undershirt underneath it, and they both have a black wash over it. It would appear as if he has three toes giving the shape of the shoes, and given the fact he has three fingers, as the shoes are in the shape of a boxing glove more like actual shoes. The details on the head and hands show the melting skin, which looks disgusting and nicely detailed at the same time. This character has a beak as a mouth, and big white eyes with yellow around them, and black pupils. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, hinged shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel ankles.


Vampire Jack and Batboy each comes with an acrylic figure stand so they can stand. Vampire Jack is similar to the previously offered Jack Skeleton figures, with the long and thin body, and skeletal features for the head. Jack stands at 8 1/2″ tall. He is dressed in a vampire black tuxedo, white shirt, black buttons and a bat as a bowtie. The cape is made of a soft plastic, with purple deco on the inside, and black on the outside. The legs and arms are long and thing, and the hands are skeletal. The head sculpt is mostly painted in white, with some black details including eyes, nose and mouth.

Batboy resembles a toddler with long bat-like wings, that allow him to fly. Batboy stands at 3″ tall. The body is cast in black, and includes thin legs and arms with three fingers and toes. His head sculpt includes spiked hair, pointy bat ears, an oversized forehead, and red deco on his eyes and a red mouth with white teeth. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck and swivel arms.



The Easter Bunny and Igor wrap up the wave, and each includes a fantastic figure sculpt that is loaded with sculpted details. The Easter Bunny looks the part, and is sculpted as a pink and white bunny with a black nose and eyes. with a ribbon around his shoulders and chest that says Happy Easter. The sculpt includes sculpted texture covering the entire body, which is a nice touch. Included is an Easter basket, with painted eggs and each one is different. The basket itself also has a texture on it, and looks the part. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck and swivel arms. The articulation is limited, and it may be difficult to stand him without the use of the stand.

Igor looks incredible, and looks the part with that hump and short around body. The lab jacket is painted in a light grey with a black wash over it, and is packed with a texture. The lab jacket also includes grey patches with black stitches, which is found on the top and sides. It is also button down with grey buttons, and the patches also have a black wash over them. The forearms are covered with green lab gloves, and the legs are painted in a dark grey with light grey shoes. His head sculpt includes an oval shape head, with a yellow eyeball, black hair with a mostly bald scalp, red lips, and only three teeth on the upper left side. The skin is painted in a dark grey, which matches the legs. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, and ball jointed shoulders.


Once combined, the table looks like this. There are a total of three tables that form as one piece (they don’t snap together, and instead just stand side by side), with a staircase in front or on the side. The table comes with various accessories as seen in the gallery (use that as a reference to see which accessories come with which figures). This includes a lantern, two ghosts, a present, a saw and a turtle that’s flat. The tables are nicely sculpted to resemble wood, and includes a texture and sculpted detail on them to look the part as well. There are also two sets of legs for each of the table, making it customizable.

Overall, this is fantastic wave with some excellent sculpting and attention to detail. The figures and table all are incredible, and fans are sure to want to pick up this wave.


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