The Disney Store Exclusive Toy Box Figures Announced For Marvel, Star Wars & Pixar

The Disney Store announced that this line is expanding to oversized characters including The Hulkbuster, as well as vehicles such as a car for Spider-Man, a TIE Fighter with TIE Pilot from Star Wars, and Han Solo and Chewbacca with the Millennium Falcon. These new updates include Frozone from Incredibles, a Toy Story 4 pack, a new Hulk figure, Thanos, Grey Hulk, Yoda, Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph, and Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6. There are box sets of Toy Story as well as The Incredibles that are coming. Additional characters have yet to be confirmed. In addition, the new Hulk figure, above in the gallery is starting to show up in stores, and should be making his way online soon. This figure has a new head and is also a different color compared to the first release.

Thanks to our reader and friend Garrett for posting these images on Instagram. These are in the new booklet that comes packaged with the new Hulk figure.