Hasbro Marvel NYCC 2018 Roundtable Event Coverage – Update

We are attending Hasbro’s Marvel New York Comic-Con 2018 press event at an undisclosed location outside of the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This year, Hasbro has unveiled some new Marvel Legends figures as shown below.

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Shown are new figures coming in 2019. While some of these were shown at SDCC such as Deadpool, Professor Xavier and others, some new figures are shown including the remaining characters of Thano’s generals (such as Corvus Claive) as seen in Avengers Infinity War.

Caliban is a new build-a-figure coming. He will come with an extra Hydra head. Professor X comes with an alliterate Shadow King head compatible for Kingpin body, as well as a Cerebo helmet. The chair has covers that can slide to move the controls on the arms. The stand is removable as well that gives it a hovering ability.

Force is also shown as part of this X-Men wave.

Beta Ray Bill is shown.

Kingpin stands around 9″ tall, and comes with his cane.

Deadpool is shown with his scooter, and comes with an extra Bob head.

Kraven and Spider-Man are coming in a 2 pack.

Night Thrasher is coming (Spider-Man wave)

Update – Hasbro sent along new official press images and details.

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Entertainment Earth – Arnim Zola and Supreme Captain America are priced at $39.99, and expected to ship in Marvel 2019.

Luke Cage and Claire Temple figures for $39.99.

BigBadToyStore just opened pre-orders for a few dollars more.

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Forge Figure (X-Men wave)

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Marvel Legends Series Caliban Build-A-Figure (X-Men Wave)

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Beta Ray Bill Figure 

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Kraven & Spider-Man 2-Pack

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Supreme Leader & Arnim Zola 2-Pack

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Available exclusively at Fan Channel retailers. Pre-order available now.

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Night Thrasher Figure (Spider-Man, Wave 1)

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)

Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Legends Series 6-inch Corvus Claive Figure 

(HASBRO/Available: 2019)

Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Legends Series 6-inch Ebony Maw Figure 

(HASBRO/Available: 2019)

Marvel Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise with Mystery Filling, Wave 2

(HASBRO/Available: Spring 2019)