Eaglemoss Hero Collector NYCC 2018 – Star Trek Ships On Display


The Eaglemoss Hero Collector booth at this years New York Comic-Con is packed with previously shown and some new ships and other collectibles, including from Star Trek which we are showcasing here. You’ve read the press release on what to expect, and now we have some quick booth images to share with you along with some tidbits of information.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector products can also be purchased on the Eaglemoss ShopEntertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Megalopolis: City Of Collectibles, Amazon.com, and Things From Another World. Click on these hyperlinks and check out what they have available.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector is offering a new Starfleet space station, which is the Earth Spacedock. This has a lot of deco.

Also shown is the Enterprise C XL Edition, USS Clarke, USS Buran, Klingon Qugh Class, mini-shuttles and there is a new book packed in along with the Enterprise.