NECA Toys Aliens Vs Predator Ahab Predator Ultimate Figure Review


NECA Toys is now offering their Aliens Vs Predator Ahab Predator Ultimate Figure, which is inspired by his appearance in the Dark Horse comics. This figure is an upgrade from their San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive figure, which is shown in our gallery, and we have posted side-by-side images showcasing the differences. The Ahab Predator is a Predator Yautja Elder, and NECA have given this figure a brand new sculpt and accessories as part of this new update.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Aliens Vs Predator Ahab Predator Ultimate Figure for review. 

Availability: September 2018

The Ahab Predator is packaged in a window box with artwork from the comic book on the front and sides. On the back is a comic strip style images with a description of the accessories that are included. The flap opens in the front to reveal the figure inside, along with a detailed image of the figure with scenery.


The San Diego Comic-Con 2014 version of the Ahab Predator already had a great figure sculpt, which you can see for yourself in the gallery below. That figure featured some great sculpting at the time, and this new updated version takes the character to the next level and offers him with some of today’s best sculpting, detail and deco. This updated version features an all new Ultimate Predator body which has added articulation in the biceps, otherwise known as bicep swivels, elbows (double elbow joints) and torso, which is ball jointed. The head sculpt looks great, which is repainted from the 2014 release. The biggest differences on the deco is the color of the skin, teeth, and some black deco on the closed right eye and back of the forehead.

His arms, legs and armor also have some new tooling as well as shared parts. The figure stands taller than the 2014 release, which is due to the newly sculpted torso. The skin tone is different between the two figures, and the deco throughout the sculpt has different shading, which almost makes it look like a completely different character. The armor on the arms is primarily the same, with the exception of some retooling of the left gauntlet, which can now open. There is also a newly tooled retractable blades, which can now be interchangeable from two blades to three simply by removing it. The hips have newly sculpted lion armor and skirt, which is detailed with a rough texture and has a black wash over it. The knee pads are the other big difference in the legs, as is the strap around the left leg just below the knee. On his chest, there is a black strap with a silver buckle on the upper right side, which is sculpted different compared to both figures. The upper body armor appears to be the same, which the biggest difference being the deco and color given to it. There is also the difference in deco of the skull trophy hanging around his neck and down his chest, which now has some added black wash to it. If all of this wasn’t enough, he now also has a new fabric cape around his neck. Underneath the cape, is a spot for the clip to attach too to hold the engineer gun. Also included are a set of alternate hands, a spear, a skull trophy, a engineering gun and a disc. The engineering gun can clip to his back, or be held in his hands.

Overall, the Ultimate Ahab Predator figure is an excellent update to an already great previous offering, and we particular like the added cape, figure height, interchangeable blades and various other details about this figure. NECA collectors and fans of the Predator line will surely want to pick up this release.


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