Sideshow Collectibles Superman The Animated Series Collection Superman Statue


Sideshow Collectibles released official details and images of their upcoming Superman The Animated Series Collection Superman Statue. Superman is inspired by the 90’s classic animated series, and stands at 20″ tall and is sculpted over the roof of the Daily Planet building, with newspapers flying off the roof as Superman takes flight. There are two versions of this statue, a Sideshow Exclusive that includes an alternate portrait with a smiling expression, and is priced at $425.00, and a collector version that is priced at $415.00.

Look for pre-orders this Thursday October 25th between 9am-12pm PST on Sideshow

I won’t have vigilantism in my town.

Sideshow is proud to present the next DC collectible soaring into the Animated Series Collection, the Superman Statue.

Inspired by Superman’s various animated appearances, this stylized and action-packed statue captures the bright colors and dynamic heroism of everyone’s favorite Last Son of Krypton. The Superman Statue measures 20” tall, as the Man of Steel takes flight off the roof of the Daily Planet building. Three newspapers are caught in the gust of wind, each with headlines hiding references to other moments from the DC animated universe- see what you can spot!

The resin Superman Statue features a sculpted costume and cape designed to capture the unmistakable heroic silhouette and energy of this iconic animated DC hero. His bright blue and red bodysuit has yellow accents along with the symbol of the House of El on his chest. Superman’s portrait features his famous kiss curl, a strong jawline, and a determined expression as he fights for truth, justice, and the American way.

The Exclusive Edition of the Superman Statue includes an alternate portrait with a smiling expression, giving you an additional display option for this animated Superman collectible.