Diamond Select Toys – Marvel Movie Minimates Ant-Man & The Wasp Box Set Review


Diamond Select Toys is now offering their Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Box Set in their Marvel Minimates line. This set includes Ant-Man, The Wasp, the Ghost and Dr. Hank Pym as the previously listed mystery figure. Each figure comes with accessories and stands at 2″ tall.

A Diamond Select Toys release! These Minimates are actual size! This box set of mini-figures captures the cast of the next Marvel movie in the 2-inch scale, so you can have life-size superheroes running around on your desk! Scott “Ant-Man” Lang, Hope “Wasp” Van Dyne, the Ghost and a mystery figure are all included in this four-pack, packaged in a full-color window box. Each Minimate has 14 points of articulation, fully interchangeable parts, and most have removable helmets. Designed by Barry Bradfield! (Item #JUN182327; SRP: $24.99)

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Box Set for review.

Availability: November 2018

The Ant-Man and the Wasp Movie Box Set is inspired by the 2018 movie, which continues the events of the last film and Captain America: Civil War. The figure are packaged in the standard Minimates 4-pack window box with artwork of the movie and the figures inside.



The figures are sculpted in the standard minimate body and Ant-Man, Wasp and Dr. Hank Pym are sculpted in their Pym Particle suits that allows them to shrink down, or in Ant-Man’s case to increase his size as seen in the film. The suits are painted and sculpted as they are seen in the film, with detailed lines and strong paint applications applied to them. Ant-Man and the Wasp include and unmasked head sculpt and a mask that can fit over the head when removing the hair. The masks have red and yellow transparent visors allowing you to see their eyes and other facial details. The Wasp also has articulated wings that are clear and feature some sculpted details. Dr. Hank Pym includes two head sculpts, a masked and unmasked head sculpt. The masked head sculpt has a red visor that allows you to also see his facial details, and there is also a removable part of the Particle suit on his chest. The Ghost has a robotic resemblance, but in the film you find out she’s a human in the suit.  The suit is a light grey with darker grey lines, and is hooded over the helmet that has silver and red deco.



Each figure in the box includes an acrylic figure stand, and The Wasp includes a flying stand as she has wings.

Overall, the Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Box Set features great looking Minimates with superior deco and detail. We are particularly fond of Ant-Man and The Wasp in this set.


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