Entertainment Earth – Star Wars The Black Series 6″ Clone Commander Wolffe Figure Pre-Orders


Entertainment Earth have opened pre-orders of their Exclusive Star Wars Black Series 6″ Clone Commander Wolffe Figure, which was previously a GameStop exclusive figure.

Clone Commander Wolffe is priced at $21.99 and is expected to ship in January 2019.

  • Clone Commander Wolffe
  • The Black Series Wave action figures are ready for action!
  • It’s your chance to get your favorite characters as exquisitely detailed 6-inch tall action figures!
  • Includes blasters and removable helmet!

Add some awesome to your collection! Bring the next big thing in Star Wars home with the Star Wars The Black Series Clone Commander Wolffe 6-Inch Action Figure. This veteran of the Clone Wars survived the rise of the Empire and eventually retired, but before then he had his eye blasted out and fought countless droid armies across the galaxy. This hard-to-find 6-inch action figure comes with twin pistols that fit snuggly on the holsters on his hips.  Complete with grey wolf detailing, as series runner Dave Filoni is a fan of the canids, this armored warrior has an amazing helmet with a Boba Fett-like rangefinder on the site.