Diamond Select Toys – Marvel Minimates Series 76 Maximum Carnage Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are now offering their Marvel Minimates Series 76 Maximum Carnage Figures, which is inspired by the 1993 Spider-Man Crossover Comic Series. Included in this assortment are Spider-Man with Black Cat, Venom with Doppelganger, Carnage with Demogoblin and Cloak with Dagger, and if you collect the four sets, you will be able to build a Shriek Minimate.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing the Marvel Minimates Series 76 Maximum Carnage figures for review. 

Availability: October 2018


Spider-Man and Black Cat come with the head of Shriek. Spider-Man is painted in his classic red and blue outfit with black webbing on the costume, and black deco on the blue parts of the outfit. There is also a black spider on his chest. His head is masked with big white eyes, black deco around them and black webbing on the mask. Included with Spider-Man is an extra set of interchangeable hands to shoot webbing, webbing attachment that he can hold onto, and a new sonic gun to blast Carnage with.

Black Cat is painted in her black and white outfit, with grey deco highlights on the chest. She has white boots and gloves, and her head sculpt is masked with black and light grey. Her hair piece is long and white, which is also removable as being a Minimate and all.



Doppelganger and Venom include the chest for Shriek. Doppelganger is painted in his red and black spider suit and some blue deco on the chest and legs. The red parts of the outfit have the black webbing, and there is also a black spider on his chest. His head sculpt is masked, and he has sharp teeth and insect-like eyes. The figure also has six arms, three on each side, and each is articulated.

Venom is painted in his black and white symbiot suit, with some blue deco highlights over the black, and the white Venom logo on his chest and back. His head sculpt features sharp teeth, and menacing white eyes.


Carnage and Demogoblin includes the arms for Shriek. Carnage is painted in his red and black symbiot suit, with the black deco over the red with some nicely done details. There are also the vines sticking up on his shoulders. His head sculpt features sharp teeth and similar eyes to Venom. Carnage includes two sets of interchangeable arms, two with claws, a axe and an extension arm.

Demogoblin is painted in his dark blue, orange and red outfit. This costume is similar to Hobgoblin’s, and lets not forget, this is actually Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale) as a demon. The skin tone is yellow, and the facial deco is nicely done with sharp teeth, a long red tongue, and demon-like eyes. The head is hooded, with red deco on the inside of the hood. Demogoblin includes a pumpkin bomb, a transparent orange glider with a demon head, and a flying stand for it.


Cloak and Dagger come with the legs for Shriek. Cloak is sculpted with an oversized cloak that is painted in blue with black trim. His head sculpt includes a black mask over his eyes, and is hooded, which is part of the cloak. The body is all black and articulated in Minimates style.

Dagger is in her white outfit, with a dagger shape design on her chest. Her head sculpt features long blonde hair, that is removable, and a ring around her right eye. Included is an interchangeable hand with energy for her left hand.

All of the figures in the 2 packs include an acrylic figure stand.


Shriek is painted in her black outfit, with a white belt, white gloves, and some grey deco on the legs. Her head sculpt includes long black hair, and a blue physic effect on her left eye. Shriek does not come with any accessories, or even a stand, but is compatible with other stands in this line. If you’ve ever picked up the acrylic stand sets sold by DST, Shriek would be a great character to use it with.

Overall, Marvel Minimates Series 76 Maximum Carnage is an excellent wave with great character selections, superior deco and sculpting and great accessories. Fans of classic Marvel stories will love this line-up. This is sold at comic shops, as well as our partners below>


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