Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary Thor & Sif Figures Review


Hasbro celebrates the First Ten Years of Marvel Movies with a new line of 6″ action figures inspired by all of these films. This set is based on there appearance from Thor: The Dark World from 2013 and includes Thor and Sif as they appeared in the film. Additional offerings are available including Avengers: Infinity War Thor, Rocket and Groot, Red Skull, Hulkbuster Vs. Hulk, Ultron, Crossbones Vs. Captain America and others that we’ve previously reported.

This new line-up of unreleased figures inspired by the First Ten Years of Marvel Movies is truly something special and a welcome addition to the Marvel Legends line. Back when these movies were released, Hasbro wasn’t really focused on movie likenesses in this line at least until recently years they’ve been catching up as the movies are becoming more popular.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing their Marvel Legends 6″ Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary Thor & Sif Figures for review. 

Availability: July 2018

Thor and Sif are packaged in a window box with movie stills on the side, a brief description of the characters as well as a bio on the back. This set is inspired by Thor: The Dark World and features great likenesses.

Thor is sculpted in his dark grey, gold and silver armor as seen in the film, and the gold is used to give it some definition. The sculpt was previously used in an Amazon 4-pack, and is given new armored arms that have a sculpted texture. The armor has some soft plastic parts including the parts around the hips and the long blonde hair. His facial details are nicely done as it part of the new photo technology that Hasbro is using. The cape is also made of a soft plastic, and has some sculpted textures and is attached to his shoulders and cannot be removed. The articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, hinged-swivel wrists, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips, hinged knees and hinged and rocker ankles. Mjolini is painted in the same silver as Sif’s weapons, but has a swivel effect to it. There is also a bit of a wash on some of the facets in the hammer.

Sif is truly the primary reason to purchase this set as she has never been offered before, and includes a fantastic figure sculpt. She is painted in silver armor with sculpted detail, with red and dark brown clothing underneath the armor. Her legs are mostly dark brown with some silver armor on the front of the knees, the shoulders are protected with as are the forearms and wrists. She has some soft plastic parts including the red clothing around her hips and long black hair. The facial details are nicely done and use the new photo scanning technology, and came out great. Her accessories include a shield with straps that is placed on the forearms, a sword, and duo swords that magically form into a spear in the movie. The spear tends to pop apart too easily as the plastic won’t stay connected, which is most unfortunate. The weapons are all cast in silver plastic, and have some sculpted details that look great. Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed chest, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, and hinged rocker ankles.

Overall, this is an excellent set with great paint applications, sculpting and great likenesses. Marvel movie goers should be collecting the First Ten Years line in Marvel Legends right now.


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