NECA Toys A Nightmare On Elm Street Accessory Pack Review

NECA Toys A Nightmare On Elm Street Accessory Pack Review


NECA Toys is offering an incredible new accessory pack based on A Nightmare On Elm Street, and fans all know the name Freddy Krueger quite well. These accessories were featured in several of the films, and includes authentic likeness and superior attention to detail.

Set includes:
– Freddy Worm (as seen in Dream Warriors) – Stands over 12” tall! Features an articulated head and a display base styled as broken floor boards.
– Freddy TV (as seen in Dream Warriors) – Can be mounted on a diorama wall or displayed on desk or shelf.
– Elm Street signs – Includes both regular and “nightmare” versions of the street sign that stand over 10” tall.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their A Nightmare On Elm Street Accessory Pack for review. 

Availability: December 2018

The accessory pack is packaged in a collector-style box with nicely done artwork and images of whats included in the set. The front of the box has artwork of what’s in the set, and the back of the box has the images.



The set includes four main accessories to enhance your display of horror-themed toys, and the two primary offerings of the set are the Freddy Worm and Freddy TV. The Freddy Worm, as seen in Dream Warriors, measures about 12″ tall, and stands on a broken up floor boards display base. The Freddy Worm doesn’t require the use of it and can stand on his own, but it does allow some stability of the figure and looks better for display purposes. The worm features an incredible sculpt that works realistic to the film, and features the burn scars mixed in with great paint applications. The sculpt includes a spine on the back of his neck, and the facial details are quite impressive especially the eyes and teeth. The deco includes several washes including black, brown and green, with a light green lines on the body and head. There is also some blood going down the right side of his face below the eye, which is a nice touch. The paint applications on the eyes and mouth have some of the best work of the design, with nicely done detail, and even the gums look great. While the figure is mostly for display, he does have a ball jointed neck.

The floor boards includes a sculpted texture on it and the broken up detail around the worm’s body is nicely done and it clearly shows him bursting through the floor. The boards also have nicely done paint applications, including light and dark brown.



The Freddy TV looks pretty much exactly as it did in Dream Warriors, and the attention to detail of the 80’s TV set, with buttons, dials, and it even has Freddy’s logo on the corner. The TV set includes a linear sticker that makes it look like static on the set, which is exactly how it looked in the movie. The Freddy TV features articulated mechanical arms that are on the sides of the TV, and the sculpted details on the sides of the television set has holes and damage of where the arms bursted through. The arms are articulated, with elbow joints and swivel shoulders, and the arms are made out of wires with different colors, which is a nice touch. The head sculpt includes two antenna’s that are non-articulated, and the facial sculpt and details look great.

The back of the TV can be mounted by a nail, thumbtack, or screw and can be mounted on a wall, diorama or most other surfaces of your choosing. The arms however cannot hold another figure up, as the shoulders couldn’t support the weight of a figure. The TV set itself,has some nicely done silver deco that an actual TV set from that era would have, and gives it that fake shine that we all remember.



The Elm St. signs work great with 7″ scale figures and has a realistic design and paint applications. The signs in this set are the regular and “nightmare” versions, and even the lettering on the signs are different as well as the poles.

Overall, the Nightmare On Elm Street Accessory Pack includes some great offerings that work well with Freddy Krueger and other NECA figures. All of the offerings include realistic movie style, attention to detail and some of the best paint applications that fans are used too from the company. We particularly like the Freddy Work and the Freddy TV, as these are the two primary offerings from the set.

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