NECA Toys Halloween 2018 Ultimate Michael Myers Figure Review

NECA Toys Halloween 2018 Ultimate Michael Myers Figure Review


In 2018, Michael Myers returned to the cinema to once again captive audiences and horror movie goers. This film was a sequel to the original 1978 classic Halloween Movie, which saw the return of star Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic role once more as well as the original co-creator John Carpenter as a composer, executive producer, and creative consultant. The film sees Michael Myers return to the Haddonfield 40 years after his original night of terror, and ignores every film that came after it.

This figure by NECA Toys joins the Ultimate line-up of highly detailed and articulated figures, and brings a much needed character to their offerings in recent years. NECA has delivered a great figure and gave fans and collectors exactly what they’re been asking for in recent years, a new Michael Myers figure.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Halloween 2018 Ultimate Michael Myers Figure for review. 

Availability: December 2018


Michael Myers features an all-new figure sculpt inspired by the new Halloween 2018 movie, and has a realistic movie look and design. The head sculpts have a great movie likeness, and has some realistic looking textures and sculpted details just like the mask in the movie. Both of the masks have lines sculpted on that gives it the textures and details, and the eye holes are cut out. One of the masks has eyes looking through it while the other one has black eye sockets, and it looks like there’s another head underneath the mask. The masks are painted in an off white, with some light brown washed on to make it look dirty. The hair designs are also slightly different, but both have a textured feel to them and painted light brown. The heads can pop on and off quite easily and are connected by a peg joint.

The body looks great and also pays a great tribute to how he looks in the movie. The jumpsuit has a realistic look and design to them as well, with realistic threads and hem lines, this figure almost looks like he came right out of the movie screen. The overalls include pockets on the front of the shirt, sides and rear of the pants. The hip design breaks up the overalls and allows a lot of range of motion. The overalls are painted in a dark blue with a wash over it. He has black shoes with a realistic design sculpt and attention to detail, and it has a light wash over the front of them as well. Underneath the jumpsuit is a dark shirt as seen below his neck, and there is even a bullet hole with blood on the upper left part of the chest. The bullet appears to be inside his body, as there is no exit wound on his back.

His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, double-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed hips, hinged-swivel knees, hinged and rocker ankles.



The Ultimate Michael Myers figure comes with 2 head sculpts, a knife, a hammer, jack o’ lantern that lights up and flickers, a fire poker, a severed head (this appears to be a victim from the film), 6 interchangeable hands and a tombstone. The accessories are well made and painted, and even the attention to detail on the knife, hammer and fire poker looks great with outstanding paint applications that makes these look realistic. There are only two hand sculpts that can hold these three particular accessories, and placing them on requires a little bit of patience and knowing that you need to be careful not to use excessive force. The severed head is hollow on the inside, and the decomposing details are quite impressive and disgusting all at the same time. The tombstone has a solid feel to it, and the engraving is nicely done.



Overall, NECA Toys have once again answered the calls of their fanbase and collectors and have given another great horror icon the plastic treatment, which came out exceptionally well. The figure has a realistic likeness to the film, great accessories, and we are so happy to finally have a Michael Myers figure in the Ultimate collection.


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