NECA Toys Crash Bandicoot With Jet Pack Figure Review


NECA Toys Crash Bandicoot action figure line-up sees several new releases coming up, and the most recent release is Crash with his Jet Pack as seen in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Other figures coming in 2019 include Cortex, the first villain in the line, and Crash Bandicoot with Scuba Gear.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Crash Bandicoot with Jet Pack for review. 

Availability: November 2018


Crash Bandicoot stands at 6″ tall and is based on his appearance as seen in the classic Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Playstation video game of the 1990’s. This figure has some of a reused sculpt from his first release, and includes a new head sculpt with a different facial expression and a brand new jet pack. Crash Bandicoot comes packed with sculpted textures on the fur that also gives it a realistic feel to it and less cartoony than fans are used too. The chest, top of his head and the ears have the most of the sculpted texture while the arms, legs and the face have less. The chest includes a belly button hole sculpted inward, and stands out as that is painted in a light brown, while that part of the chest is yellow. Sculpted over his legs are two shades of blue pants, with a white string tied in a knot on top, and his legs are only visible between the gap from his pants to his socks and shoes. The shoes also include a textured are painted mostly in a reddish brown, with white and red trim and white shoe laces. There are also gloves over his hands that has the look and painted to look like leather, which is a nice touch. Most of the fur is painted in a brown and orange wash and has a great likeness to the video game. While the sculpt’s fur has textures that makes him look realistic, the deco keeps him looking cartoony.


The new head features an open mouth sculpt with some great details done on his teeth, and his mouth is sculpted with the teeth touching each other as if he’s grinning his teeth. The head sculpt is nicely done with a great likeness to the character. This head sculpt includes a pair of goggles sculpted to it, and has head gear on his head just like a airplane pilot would at one time. The goggles are over his eyes, which can see through, and take a look at the nicely done paint applications done to the eye balls. The lens are non-articulated, and the head gear includes sculpted texture and painted in brown that also resembles leather. There is also a gold belt buckle hanging down on either side of his head gear, which are supposed to go under his chin to buckle up. As he doesn’t really have much of a chin, these straps just hang down. The headgear prevents the eyebrows from being articulated, which they were for the previous two releases.

The hair on top of his head sticks up and is shaped like a mohawk, and the hair is pointing in a variety of directions. The top of the mouth is long, and the tip of it is a large black nose with a texture and gloss finish. The eyes and mouth are also sculpted and painted to perfection, and we especially like the off white deco with a light blue wash on the eye, green deco and black pupils. The mouth showcases his nice and white teeth, which is nicely sculpted and painted.



The jetpack is loosely placed on his body, which means that it was constructed once put on the body and cannot be taken off. The jet pack is connected to green that are textured, and brown straps that are smooth, and connected to a buckle on his chest. The jet pack features a great likeness to the game, and is painted mostly in silver, with yellow, black deco, with a red and blue circular design on the lower back of it. The jets are painted in a light orange to indicate flames, and it also has light grey tubes on the top. The buckle on his chest has silver around the edges, and yellow at the center.

Crash Bandicoot’s articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball jointed torso, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, hinged legs, and ball jointed ankles.


Overall, Crash Bandicoot with Jet Pack is an excellent figure and we love the amount of detail and sculpt that NECA Toys put into this release. The Jet Pack and new head sculpt is the primary aspect of the figure that is otherwise a reuse of the existing figures, which is nicely done and has a great likeness to the game.


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