Disney Store Exclusive – Disney Toy Box Minnie Mouse Figure Review


The Disney Store is now offering four new Toy Box figures from their Disney and Marvel offerings, which includes Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Miles Morales and Iron Man. The Toy Box figures are based on the Disney: Infinity game designs, and are re-engineered and articulated. In the game, franchises could interact throughout all of Disney’s properties such as Marvel, Star Wars and Disney/Pixar characters. Fans of that game can now collect highly detailed and articulated figures based on those designs.


On the brochure inserted into the package, two new Toy Box characters have been revealed, including Genie from Aladdin, and a character from Incredibles 2.

Thank you to Disney and The Disney Store for providing their Marvel Toy Box Minni Mouse and Figaro Figures for review.

Availability: December 2018

Disney Infinity was Disney’s version of LEGO Dimensions, where franchises collide and characters can interact. These figures are loosely based on this game, and have been re-engineered and articulated to resemble the game’s likeness.



Minnie Mouse stands at roughly 4″ tall and Figaro stands at 2″ tall. Both figures are inspired by the game while keeping their iconic cartoon appearances from classic Disney. Minnie Mouse comes nicely detailed, sculpted and painted and include her classic red dress and bow tie with white dots, oversized white gloves with black deco on the top, and oversized yellow heels. The lower portion of the dress is a skirt, allowing the legs to move. Her head sculpt is nicely done with a beige deco on her face, and the fur on the top of the head, eyes and eye lashes, mouse ears, nose, chest, tail, arms and legs are cast in black. The mouse is sculpted with her lips closed, and painted with her eye balls looking forwards her right.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed head, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, swivel waist, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees and swivel-hinged ankles.

Figaro is painted as a black and white cat and owned by Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The sculpt and deco is really good, especially the facial details such as the open mouth with a pink tongue, yellow eyes and black pupils, pink ears on the inside, a white face, chest, feet, tip of the tail, and the rest of the body is cast in black. The head is ball jointed, which is the only point of articulation.

Overall, Minnie Mouse with Figaro is a nice looking set and fits in well with other Toy Box figures, as well as classic Disney characters. Minnie Mouse is a welcome addition to the line, and fans of the Disney Infinity game and Disney Classic will love this set.


Minnie Mouse and Figaro Action Figure Set – Disney Toybox

Stitch Action Figure Set – Disney Toybox