Funko – Mega Man 3.75″ Series 1 Figures Review

Funko – Mega Man 3.75″ Series 1 Figures Review


Funko continues to expand their action figure offerings with this new line-up of Mega Man 3.75″ figures inspired from the classic video game. The first wave of figures includes Mega Man, Thunder Bean, Atomic Fire, Leaf Shield and a Dr. Wily Figure. Thunder Bean, Atomic Fire, and Leaf Shield are variants of Mega Man, and Atomic Fire is a chase figure that is a ratio with Leaf Shield. Interestingly enough, for Atomic Fire, the cardback actually says Leaf Shield, which obviously is an error on the packaging. Atomic Fire has a 1:6 rarity, and is also not shown on the back of the cardback, but the other figures, including Leaf Shield are shown. The figures include 9 points of articulation and are priced at roughly $9.99 each.

Mega Man is is one of the most iconic characters from classic video games, and fans remember this game best for its 8-bit design that was introduced in 1987, and new games were introduced in 1989, and through the 1990’s and beyond. These figures, while keeping true to the characters likeness, look to be a bit stylized while getting great sculpts, deco and articulation that fits in perfectly with some of Funko’s other line-ups such as their Disney Afternoon collection. The first series gives you some core characters, and we’re hoping that this series does well enough so Funko can offer more of these, especially classic Robot Masters in this style.

Thank you to Funko for sending along their Mega Man 3.75″ Series 1 figures along for review. 

Availability: January 2019

The packaging for Mega Man is a blister card, with the card art featuring the 8-bit design video game. The card includes the Mega Man logo on top of the front and back, the name of the figures below it on the front, and images of the figures on the back. For Atomic Fire, he is listed as Leaf Shield on his card, and this figure is not shown on the back being this is the chase figure of the wave.


Mega Man is offered in four different outfits (only three are shown as we don’t have Atomic Fire on-hand) repainted from the same figure sculpt. Mega Man is offered in his classic dark and light blue armor, gold and grey Thunder Bean armor, yellow and red Atomic Fire armor, green and white Leaf Shield armor. The figure sculpts are well made with strong joints and superb paint applications, and the repaints on this sculpt works really well. As we mentioned, these figures are stylized, and loosely based on the video game while keeping true to the characters classic design that all know and love.



Mega Man’s head sculpt is a bit oversized, which is part of the new style that Funko is introducing here. The heads are mostly covered with the helmets that has the details just like in the game, which includes the ears, stripe on top, and three black rectangles in the back. The helmet looks to be placed over the head, as there is a small gap between the helmet and face, and the facial details gives him an animated appearance with the large blue eyes, and the nose and mouth are smaller compared to it. The rest of the sculpt looks great and the paint applications are done extremely well of the four different colored armors. The cannon on his left forearm has red deco where it shoots out the blast, as does the bottom of the feet, and the ears. The cannon also has a yellow bar that indicates how many more shots can be fired. The shoulders, hips, neck, waist and ankles offer a great range of motion and are easy to move, and the elbows, and knee are tighter and harder to move, so for the first time doing so you may want to heat up the joints to loosen them a bit.


All four Mega Man figures include interchangeable hand sculpts that are swappable with the cannon and closed fist. The cannon is completely removed and switched out with a new forearm and closed left fist, and this is on a peg joint. The right hand is ball joined, and swapped for an open right hand.


Dr. Wily features an impressive figure sculpt that is bigger and bulkier compared to Mega Man. His head sculpt is also oversized and features long grey hair on the back and sides, and a bald head, a grey mustache, and eye brows. The facial details are nicely done and he has black eyes and white teeth, and a big long chin with two lumps. He is sculpted and painted in his white lab coat that is made of a soft plastic, red tie, white shirt, brown belt with a yellow belt buckle, blue jeans and brown shoes.

Dr. Wily is also fully articulated, which includes a ball jointed head with limited motion, swivel-hinged shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel hands, ball jointed hips, and hinged knees. As the sculpt is larger than Mega Man, he does not include any accessories, which is unfortunate as he’s a great villain and this is truly a great sculpt and likeness to him.


Overall, the first wave of Mega Man figures by Funko features great sculpts and detailed likenesses. We particularly like the design of these and with all the articulation given to them they work extremely well. Hopefully, more waves are coming, and we want to see more classic Robot Masters offered in this line-up. Characters like Mega Man have a huge following and fanbase, and we strongly would suggest these figures. This wave is available now, and you can find these at the stores below.


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