NYTF 2019 – Hasbro Marvel Panel & Showroom Coverage


We are live at the Hasbro presentation, and have full coverage of the panel below. Ryan Ting, Global Brand Manager and Dwight Stall, Design Manager of the Marvel team are presenting.

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2019 is the 80th year of Marvel. New Marvel Legends in the 80th line is coming.

#Hasbrotoypic – fan photos

Black Panther wave 2 available now – order at the store links above and support us!

2019 Premium Roll Play helmets – Black Panther, Ant-Man

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Spider-Man wave 2 – Spider-Man gets two new figures, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Rogues Gallery – Doppelganger , Hydra Man, Scorpion (13″ bendy tail), Avengers Movie Thanos villain (one of his 4 soldiers)

Vehicles wave 2 – Captain America

Avengers wave 1 – Hercules, Citizen V, Nighthawk, Lightning Laser,

Wave 2 – Classic Loki, Beta Ray Bill, Union Jack, Rock Python, Shuri from Black Panther Movie

Walgreens – Mystique, Dr. Doom in Infamous Iron Man costume

Loki and Corbis – Black Order from Avengers Movie 2-pack

Brother Hood – Amazon exclusive, Quicksilver, Magneto and Scarlet Witch – new effects and parts – classic 90’s

Marvel 80th Anniversary:

Fan Channel Exclusive – 1st appearance of Wolverine vs. Hulk (new sculpt) Marvel Legends 2-pack

Juggernaut with new sculpted helmets, alternate parts, vs. Colossus 2-pack

25th Anniversary Age of Marvel – Captain America (scale armor, alternate heads, shield accessories – Walmart exclusive

Iron Man (Bronze) – alt. 80s helmet vs. Thor 2-pack

Captain America – The First Avenger and Peggy 2-pack – Amazon exclusive

Thor: Ragnarok Movie 2-pack sets –

Hela (no helmet, new likeness, Executioner comes with axe and gun

Grand Master and Cord

Avengers Infinity War – Iron Spider, Iron Man Mark 50 with floating cannons – Target

Ant-Man Movie 2 Ghost and Luis


Deadpool Ghimi Blaster

Toybiz inspired figures – X-Factor Cyclops (alt heads are interchangeable) – packaging is retro card, Silver Samurai, Wolverine – black costume with red belt, black deco over eyes (wolverine issue #2), Dazzler 80’s outfit

X-Force Wave – Guardian, Boom-Boom, Cannonball,

Mr. Sinister is coming to Marvel Legends

Nightcrawler is coming to Marvel Legends – comes with sword