NECA Toys Ultimate Pennywise Well House Figure Review

NECA Toys Ultimate Pennywise Well House Figure Review


NECA Toys continues their Pennywise offerings with the latest release of the Well House Figure inspired by the 2017 IT film. The Well House figure is inspired by the scenes inside the empty house when the kids investigate this monster the disappearances of missing children and come across this monster where he continues to torment them and try to eat them. This figure joins the previously offered Ultimate Penny, “Dancing Clown” Pennywise and the GameStop Exclusive Pennywise bloody figure.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Ultimate Pennywise Well House Figure for review. 

Availability: February 2019

The Ultimate Pennywise Well House Figure is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork of the Well House on the front, and on the back are images of the figure, along with the three doors inside the house as seen in one of the scenes of the film. The figure and his accessories are stored in a plastic tray inside, which includes four unique head sculpts.


The Ultimate Pennywise Well House Figure is sculpted with the same figure base as previous seen with his other releases, which is an old fashioned circus clown outfit that is painted in grey with red trim on the edges that look like hand stitching. There are also red balls on the shirt and tips of the boots. The clothing is nicely sculpted and detailed with realistic folds and textures throughout the outfit, which also matches what he looked like in the movie. The deco on the outfit has a slightly dirty look to it given the fact that this outfit is at least a century or two old. In the movie, Pennywise had a circus stage in his lair, so it makes sense that Pennywise was actually a real clown at some point that was likely the victim of this beast, and if you’ve seen the 1990 television series and read the book, you’ll have some idea what “It” actually is.



This release however introduces new accessories including four new head sculpts that will undoubtably haunt your dreams as these are so life-like and will guarantee scare you. This includes a “I’m going to eat you” open mouth head sculpt, frightening smile, fencepost through the head, and the wig head from the photo slide scene in Bill’s garage. The fencepost on his particular head sculpt doesn’t go all the way through like it should, and there is something preventing it from sliding all the way through to the other side. When we attempted this each time, the post would bend a little, which means there is a lower chance of breakage when sliding it through the head. This is why the fencepost in our gallery only shows it sticking out on one side. Each of the head sculpts are unique enough and just terrifying in their own way, and the scariest of them all are the two open mouths, especially the one that’s ready to eat you.

Pennywise also includes a fencepost that can be inserted into one of the heads, a new monster right hand, new grabbing hands, and an additional new claw hand that’s ready to tear into his victims.

Overall, Pennywise is an excellent figure and definitely worth adding to your growing collection. The amount of detail, paint applications and accessories in this figure are amazingly detailed, especially those horrific head sculpts that fans surely won’t want to miss out on. You may also want to pick up multiples of this figure given the amount of different ways to post him and interchangeable parts.


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