NECA Toys Ultimate Elder: The Golden Angel Predator Figure Review

NECA Toys Ultimate Elder: The Golden Angel Predator Figure Review


NECA Toys Ultimate Elder: The Golden Angel Predator is based on his appearance at the end of the 1990 Predator 2 film, when the Elder Predator hands the flintlock pistol to Detective Harrigan that once belonged to a Pirate Captain he met in the 1700’s. This Predator Elder hands Harrigan the pistol because of his heroics and proving himself a warrior in defeating the City Hunter Predator, which is a sign of respect in the Predator culture. In the short story Predator: 1718  published by Dark Horse Comics, you learn how the Golden Angel Predator obtains the flintlock pistol, which is part of an anthology book released in 1996.

The story follows pirate Captain Raphael Adolini just as mutiny breaks out after docking his ship. As he desperately fights off his former crew, a Predator emerges. Fighting back-to-back with the Captain to fend off the crew, one of whom calls him a Golden Angel. After the fight, the two face off, ready to battle. Before either can make a move, a shot is fired that strikes Adolini in the back. As he lay dying, he gifts his prized Flintlock pistol to Predator. As a sign of respect, the Predator buries Captain Adolini and leaves his own sword, knowing they were both deprived an honorable fight.

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Availability: February 2019

The Golden Angel Predator comes packaged in a flapped window box, with the front of the packaging features artwork from Dark Hose Comics, as well as the sides of the box. The back of the packaging features a collection of comic style series of panels, using the Golden Angel Predator from NECA Toys in this panel rather than a drawing.


The Golden Angel is sculpted with the new Ultimate-style Predator body, while still maintaining his Predator 2 movie appearance. The body is a reuse of parts previously offered, and he has the fishnet over the skin, that is painted in black, and the skin itself is a beautiful mix of yellow, green, with some red spots. The figure includes sculpted details and textures, an opening left gauntlet opens up to reveal the computer inside, and the right gauntlet has a retractable double blade. The armor is nicely sculpted as previously seen, and the new deco makes the figure stand out especially with the metallic gold deco with a black wash.



In the film, the character had a dark grey deco on his skin, and this release offers the comic-appearance with the bright yellow and green deco. The belt is newly tooled as the belt buckle is the primary difference as far as well can tell, and he comes with three interchangeable head sculpts for many different ways to pose and display him. The masked head sculpts are unique enough with one in gold metallic with red eyes, and the other in a copper finish. The unmasked head sculpt includes some small details such as the pierced tusk, which is such nicely done.

The Golden Angel Predator also includes a Flintlock pistol, a sword, two smart discs, a removable plasmacaster shoulder mounted cannon, and an extra set of interchangeable hands. In Predator 2, you could read the name Raphael Adolini and the year 1718 when the Predator handing it over, which doesn’t show up on the pistol offered in this set. The sword can be placed in the included shoulder sheath, and comes with an extended blade that needs to be inserted in it. His articulation is standard for modern Predator figures, which includes a swivel-hinged head, ball jointed elbows, double jointed knees and elbows, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, and ball jointed ankles.

Overall, the Golden Angel Predator features an excellent figure sculpt with a superior deco that has a great likeness to the comics. The paint applications on him are bright, and stand out on your toy shelves especially when light hits the armor. Fans of the Predator line will definitely want to pick up this one up today.


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