McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead 10″ Daryl Dixon Deluxe With Rocket Launcher Figure Review


McFarlane Toys offered the final 10″ The Walking Dead figure with Daryl Dixon, and is based on his appearance from Season 8 of the AMC series, where Daryl takes out a group of Saviors during his first encounter with them with a rocket launcher. The figure has limited articulation, making him more of a statue than a figure. To create this likeness, McFarlane Toys is using 3D digital scanning technology of the actor to create such a great likeness. Included with Daryl Dixon is a rocket launcher and a display stand.

This year at New York ToyFair, we had confirmed that McFarlane Toys has no further plans at this time to offer more The Walking Dead collectibles this year, including the 5″, 7″ and 10″ figure lines that they had been producing. They did however announce many new licenses such as Mortal Kombat, Fortnite, Game of Thrones, and several new Stranger Things figures.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for offering their The Walking Dead 10″ Daryl Dixon Deluxe Figure for review while attending their booth at New York ToyFair 2019. 

Availability: November 2018

Daryl Dixon is packaged in a window-box that features artwork from the show on the cover, images of the figure on the sides, and additional images of the figure as well as what else is available on the back.


Daryl Dixon was designed using 3D digital scanning technology of the actor Norman Reedus and is based on his appearance from Season 8. Daryl is sculpted wearing his iconic leather vest with the angel wings on the back, button down black shirt, black cargo pants and brown shoes. The shirt, vest and pants include realistic wrinkles and folds in the clothing that must have been part of the 3D scanning, and the vest and shirt includes buttons that are painted in copper and silver respectively. On the back of the vest, there is some blood splatter on the angel wings. The pants include a rough texture to it, as well as details that include rips, straps and laces tied around the lower legs just above the ankles. There is also a red scarf hanging from his back pocket, and a sheath for his knife on his right hip. His left forearm also has some blood splatter.


His head sculpt has a pretty good likeness to the actor, which includes long brown hair with a black wash, and paint washes that includes a beard, mustache and a goatee. There is also some blood splatter on the left side of his face, which is mostly covered by his hair.



The figure has limited articulation as previously seen in the 10″ line, and these are meant more of a display piece such as a statue than an action figure. The rocket launcher can be lowered and raised by his arms, and includes a removable rocket that can be inserted inside of it. The rocket launcher is nicely detailed and has a life-like appearance with some excellent paint applications. The rocket launcher is painted in grey with a silver wash over it, and the rocket is painted in a green head, gold tip and a black stem. There is also a strap that he can use to hold the launcher over his shoulder.


His crossbow is also included and includes multiple arrows, and we found that this fits best in his right hand. The crossbow is best displayed lowered like this, and is cast in black with a white wash on the sides, and painted arrow heads that are green and white. There is also a strap that can be placed over his shoulder for display. The knife can also be placed in his right hand for display.

The official details state that this figure includes a base, but the actual product does not include it, and he actually doesn’t need it as he can stand pretty well on his own, and there are no peg holes on the bottoms of his feet to insert a base into.

He has limited articulation, including a ball jointed head that can mostly swivel, swivel shoulders, swivel left elbow, swivel wrists and ball jointed ankles with very limited movement.

Overall, Daryl Dixon is a nice looking figure and makes a great display piece with your Walking Dead collection. While the crossbow is his most iconic weapon of choice, the rocket launcher accessory offers something new that you don’t have in your collection as none of the 5″ figures had included this. If you’re a fan of the show, you may want to pick this one up along with other 10″ figures such as Rick Grimes, Michonne, Glen and Negan.


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