Mattel – DC Multiverse 6″ Shazam! Movie Figure Review



Mattel’s DC Multiverse Shazam! Movie line-up includes a 6″ version of Shazam! and Sivanna. The film is currently out in theaters and is the #1 film for the past two weekends since its release. Shazam! is about a boy named Billy Batson that channels the power of the Wizard Shazam! and can transform into an adult superhero by speaking the word SHAZAM! The character, originally called Captain Marvel but the name was changed as Marvel had a copy write on their Captain Marvel character, was created in 1939 by Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker  and first appeared in 1940 in Whiz Comics #2.

Shazam! is part of the ongoing series of films that Warner Brothers is planning and has already released several big blockbuster films including Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and their 2019 films including Joker, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and Stargirl. With the continued success of the DC , fans can expect many great things to come with not only films, but animated movies a much more.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their DC Multiverse 6″ Shazam! Movie Figure for review.

Availability: March 2019

Shazam! is packaged in the standard DC Multiverse window box with artwork and an image of the movie likeness on the front, sides and back. On the back there’s also a brief bio and images of Shazam! and Sivanna.


Shazam! stands around 6 1/2″ tall and is based on his movie appearance with the likeness of Actor Zachary Levi. The figure is given a fully detailed sculpt with sculpted textures on the red and gold parts of the outfit, which also has sculpted lines as part of the detail. He is sculpted and painted in his classic red and gold suit, with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest and belt buckle, along with sculpted lightning bolts in red on his belt and boots. The paint applications are nicely done and there are only a few tidbits of mistakes on this figure, including a spatter of gold deco on the arm and a small part of the hair missing paint. The cape is made of a soft plastic, with some gold deco on the back that is nicely done with crisp lines.


His head sculpt is nicely done and his hair is given a sculpted texture, and nicely done facial details that has a decent likeness, including the paint applications on the eyes and mouth.

The proportions however on his torso is where the figure might fall a little short, and this was done to give him a ball jointed torso that has a bigger upper part of the chest, and the lower part of the stomach looks a little stretched out and longer than it should be, but this may have been done to get him to be around 6 1/2″ tall. The rest of the articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel thighs, double-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double jointed knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Included are three sets of hand sculpts that are interchangeable, including closed fisted, open grabbing hands and flying hands that you can mix and match.

Overall, Shazam! is a great figure with an excellent likeness and superior paint applications. It would have been nice to have the staff from the Wizard that he held in the film, but it’s still a great figure that fans will love, especially if you collect the movie lines.


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