Hasbro Star Wars Retro Collection Wave 1 Figures Review


Today is Star Wars Day, May the 4th, and in celebration of this special event Hasbro was kind enough to send out a special PR box of their upcoming Star Wars Retro figures that are inspired by the 1970’s Kenner style of action figures. The first wave of figures includes Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo and a Storm Trooper that are re-imagined as they were back in the golden age of Star Wars toys. During New York ToyFair 2019, Hasbro revealed a bombshell for fans with this Retro collection, including figures, vehicles and playsets that are also part of The Vintage Collection 3 3/4″ figure line. With all of these reveals, Star Wars fans can rejoice and collecting this line is fun once again, and if you had purchased the Sail Barge, all of these figures with either the retro 5 points of articulation or The Vintage Collection look great displayed in it.

HASBRO/Age: 4 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 2019)

Inspired by STAR WARS ‘70s-style action figures, the STAR WARS RETRO COLLECTION 3.75-inch-scale figures feature Kenner-style figure design and detailing, andmake a great addition to any nostalgic fan’s STAR WARS collection. Imagine the excitement of the ‘70s when the STAR WARS original trilogy had just begun, and Kenner began releasing classic STAR WARS figures for avid fans of the space saga. With figures inspired by the original sculpt and design of the ‘70s, the STAR WARS RETRO COLLECTION lets fans and collectors continue their collection from a galaxy far, far away! Characters in this assortment include LUKE SKYWALKER, DARTH VADER, PRINCESS LEIA, CHEWBACCA, HAN SOLO, and STORMTROOPER. Each sold separately. Available exclusively at Target on 5/12/2019 and at most fan channel retailers nationwide in Fall 2019.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing their Hasbro Star Wars Retro Collection Wave 1 Figures for review. 

Availability: Target Stores beginning May 12th, 2019

Each figure is packaged on a blister card that features a retro throwback to the classic 1970’s Kenner design. The front of the package includes a movie still of the actor, with artwork designed around him and the Star Wars logo on top. The figure is packaged in a small bubble and securely positioned in a plastic tray for safe storage. The back includes additional artwork that fans will remember, as well as a brief bio on top.



The 1970’s Star Wars line introduced a very unique style and these were offered in 5 points of articulation, which continued through the Original Trilogy in the 1980’s. This style is what Star Wars fans best remember and love, and Hasbro’s Star Wars team has done an excellent job recapturing this look especially if you are old enough to remember when this style of figure was new on the pegs and store shelves. With the exception of Chewbacca and the Stormtrooper, which they have 4 points as their heads done swivel, the other figures have 5 points of articulation such as swivel heads, swivel arms and legs. In recent years, Hasbro has been offering this limited articulation as they’ve stated that kids don’t care about articulation, which has been a controversial topic amongst Star Wars fans and collectors that likened the figures with more articulation such as The Vintage Collection and other lines that have been offered. This level of articulation we feel fits better with retro figures such as these, as they have much more of a homage to fans over the new movie or animated figures with 5 points of articulation.

Darth Vader and Princess Leia comes with a vinyl long outfits placed over the sculpts, which does hide a significant amount of the clothing underneath as well as the great sculpting given to them. While this is removable, it is great they went with this over fabric or something as this is exactly what was done in the 1970’s.


Darth Vader is cast mostly in black plastic with the chest box painted with red and silver buttons as seen in the film, as well as the belt buckle that has silver deco. His head sculpt has the memorable helmet design that is cast in black, and the arms, chest and legs have sculpted details and patterns. His lightsaber looks more like a blaster, as you can’t really see him hold the hilt, and points straight forward depending on how the arm is positioned.

The Storm Trooper is cast mostly in white, which has a clean look, and black trim and deco as seen in the film. The sculpting is nicely done especially on the helmet, best, and back, which has the details seen in the film. Included is the E-11 blaster.



Princess Leia is cast in white plastic with the exception of her skin and the belt, which has some black paint on it. Her head sculpt is nicely done, especially the hair. The sculpt is mostly smooth with some folds in the clothing, which is a nice touch. Included with Princess Leia is a blaster.

Luke Skywalker is in his white Jedi robe and tan pants, and given a black belt with a white belt buckle and a pouch. The sculpt has some folds in the clothing, which is a nice touch. Just like Darth Vader, his lightsaber is sculpted to his right hand and you can see the hilt (painted in white) as it’s not all black like Vader’s. The lightsaber is painted in yellow, as opposed to blue, or in this instance white that he was seen using in the original format of the film. The head sculpt is nicely done, and he has yellow hair as opposed to blonde, which was a common thing they did at the time.

Han Solo is painted in his black vest, white shirt and black pants with a white belt buckle. The shirt and vest also has the folds in the clothing, and the pants have a red stripe on the sides. His head sculpt is nicely done and he has black hair that is sculpted. Included is his DL-44 blaster. The blaster has trouble fitting and staying in his hand, and we found that the piece in front of the handle is better for him to hold onto it as that stays in.

Chewbacca, and we’re dedicating this review in the memory of Peter Mayhew, has a nicely done sculpt that includes the sculpted fur throughout the body, and over it is the bandolier that is painted in brown and silver. The sculpt is primarily brown, with the dark grey pouch on his right hip, and facial deco on his eyes, nose and teeth. The attention to detail and paint appellations done on the face looks really good, especially with nicely done blue eyes. Included with Chewbacca is his blaster.

Overall, the Retro line is an excellent offering and long overdue for Star Wars fans. This is a line that all Star Wars fans should be collecting, as its not only fun but has a nice throwback to a time when these were the only Star Wars figure on the market. Fans, collectors and kids should be buying these up once they cone out, especially for use for playsets.


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