Zag Toys – Avengers: Endgame Domez Series 1 Review


Zag Toys and Jazwares are offering a collection of Avengers: Endgame Domez figurines that are stored in a dome shaped display cases that are both connectable and stackable, and each one is individually painted to represent their movie character and likeness. The first series includes Thanos, which has a chase variant with a gold base, metallic gold armor and metallic purple skin, Thanos with a grey base and purple skin, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Ronin, Nebula and Hulk.

Thank you to Zag Toys for providing their Avengers: Endgame Domez Series 1 for review. 

Availability: May 2019

Zag Toys sent out a full case assortment, which features artwork from the movie on the front, images and artwork from the movie on the sides and back as well as a look at the figurines, which includes 9 new collectibles in this assortment. Each one is blind-baged, and there are a total of 18 inside the case, not including Hulk as he is displayed on the front of the case.


The breakdown of the figures includes 2x Captain America, 2x Thor, 2x Ronin, 2x Hulk (not counting the one on the front of the case), 2x Black Widow, 2x Thanos, 3x Iron Man, and 1x chase variant Thanos.

Each figurine are sculpted and painted as they appeared in Avengers: Endgame, which includes their iconic outfits and colors that fans are familiar with. Hulk however is in his light grey and purple suit, and he is the only figurine in the set to have this outfit. Thanos has two versions as previously stated, including the chase variant with the gold base, metallic gold armor and metallic purple skin, which is nicely done and features a great likeness.

As these can be mounted within their own individual dome shaped display cases and are connectable and stackable, the skies the limited as to how you want to display these depending on how many you buy, and they should all be compatible from the Avengers: Infinity War collection released last year and other lines similar to this. Depending on how many you buy, you can create small or a very large stack. Once connected, these are a bit loose and we couldn’t even turn it around without the entire stack falling over to shoot the backside once they were all connected, so it may be wise not to try to move it once they’re together.

Overall, Jag Toys and Jazwares have done a fantastic job on capturing the likenesses and paint applications on these. The domes are quite fun to look at as it’s almost like The Collector has captured the Avengers and Thanos and put them on display. Marvel fans can find these at select stores, including the ones specified below: