NECA Toys Predator 2018 Movie – Deluxe Armored Assassin Predator Figure Review

NECA Toys Predator 2018 Movie – Deluxe Armored Assassin Predator Figure Review


Last years Predator movie introduced a new hybrid Yautja (which is the actual name of the Predator species), which was bigger, stronger and more intelligent, making him the ideal hunter. In the film, it’s clear that the Yautja have been split into two faction, one that is for genetic experimentation, taking on the strongest traits of the prey they hunt, and the others believe that this is against their code of conduct. At the beginning of the film, the Fugitive Predator sets a course to Earth in hopes of giving Mankind a suit of armor that will help even the odds and help humans fight against the genetically alternated Predators that want to take Earth for themselves.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Predator 2018 Movie – Deluxe Armored Assassin Predator Figure for review. 

Availability: April 2019

The Assassin Predator is packaged in a larger window box with an opening flap, and is given artwork that is similar to the other 2018 Predator Movie figures. The front of the box is given artwork of the Assassin Predator, and the back of the box features action shots of the figure along with a brief bio. The figure is packaged in a plastic tray that holds him securely, along with all of his accessories. Since the flap can be lifted, you get a look at exactly at what you’re buying including just how large this figure really is, which he stands at slightly over 11″ tall, making him the largest Predator figure from NECA to-date.


The Assassin Predator is truly a special release given his unique size and upgraded articulation and style compared to other Predator figures in the 7″ scale line. As this character is a hybrid, and depicted larger than a standard Predator in the film, this figure has a great depiction of the character and really makes him look far more deadly than any other Predator seen. The figure is loaded with sculpted details, textures and spikes throughout his skin, especially on the shoulders and upper back and thighs. The figure is primarily given very little armor over his skin, with his hips and gauntlets. The gauntlets is where the accessories can plug into, including the blade and cannon. The left gauntlet also has a small silver piece to indicate that the cannon is inside the gauntlet rather than extended out ready to fire. The blade for the right gauntlet is nicely designed and the blade can be placed in and out with ease.



Because of his size, build a heaviness, the figure has some difficulty standing on his own, and even though the bottom of his feet are sculpted flat, we find that it’ll be easier to use a figure base that is compatible with he peg holes in his feet, or a figure stand to keep him from toppling over on your toy shelf and possibly taking some casualties with him. The joints on this figure is well thought out and designed, and the joints shouldn’t give out on you while posing, but keep in mind that because of the size of this figure and all he has to stand on are two small feet with a flat surface, he will fall over eventually on you unless you take proper precautions.

The paint applications on this figure are truly top notch, including the detail on the head, as well as the eyes and mouth truly make him stand out. The skin tone is primarily dark blue, with the red stripes appearing throughout the body as well. He also has silver, dark grey, with some bronze and red deco painted on his gauntlets, with dark brown clothing with silver and dark grey detail on his hips. The two head sculpts look incredible, especially the one with the open mouth. Also included are closed fists and open palm hands, a large wrist blade, and a wrist cannon that both fit on the gauntlets.

The figure is fully articulated, and he is given a ball jointed head that connects on a pin, ball hinged shoulders with only swivel movement as the detail on the shoulders prevents the hinged articulation, double-jointed elbows, swivel forearms, hinged-swivel wrists, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips that have a snap to it, double-jointed knees, swivel-hinged ankles, hinged and rocker ankles.


Overall, the Assassin Predator is one of the most impressive looking figures in the entire Predator line, which says a lot as all of NECA’s Predator figures truly look amazing. The amount of detail that went into this, including the articulation and paint applications make him worth it to pick up. You can find him now at select stores, including our valued partners as mentioned below:


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