NECA Toys Alien Vs Predator – Arcade Appearance 7″ Scale Alien Xenomorph Figures Review


The highly anticipated release of the Alien Vs Predator – Arcade Appearance Alien Xonomorph figures by NECA Toys are available now, and this line-up includes Razor Claws, Chrysalis and Arachnoid just as they were seen in the classic 1994 arcade game. The figures feature the 8-bit deco style of video games from that time, and includes a great likeness just as fans would expect. Additional offerings are also available now, which includes the Predator figures and Dutch and Lynn figure 2-pack.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Alien Vs Predator – Arcade Appearance 7″ Scale Alien Xenomorph Figures for review. 

Availability: May 2019

The Arcade Appearance Alien figures are packaged in a window box with artwork of the classic game, images of the figures on the sides, and a full view of the figure on the back along with the rest of the offerings inspired from the game. The figures are stored in plastic trays. This packaging can be saved for storage of the figures for a later time.


Each of the Alien Xenomorphs are based on how they appeared in the classic 1994 arcade game and features the 8-bit deco as seen with the Predator figures and Dutch and Lynn figure 2-pack. The sculpts on these figures share some parts such as the bendable tail and feet for Chrysalis and Razor-Claw, while Arachnid is 100% unique. Each figure is given an almost completely unique sculpt to each other to capture the game likeness, including the heads, chest, arms, hands, and legs, which has all the great sculpting and tooling that Aliens fans and collectors expect.



The Arachnid Alien has the green 8-bit deco washed over the black sculpt, and his head is shorter than Razor Claws and Chrysalis, and the back half is translucent. As we stated above, this figure has completely different parts as the other two, but one thing they all share besides the bendable tail is the opening jaw with an extended mouth.



The Razor Claws Alien has the purple wash over the black sculpt, which is almost completely washed over and you barely see the black expect in some of the grooves in the sculpt. His head sculpt has the translucent piece on top, which covers the entire top of his head, with the rest of the head featuring the 8-bit purple deco, and of course the opening jaw and extended mouth. The claws is what really sets him apart other than the color of the deco, which he has long claws that have a grey wash over them, as well as the toe nails on his feet, as well as the spike on his tail. Two of the fingers on the hands are also hinged, allowing for some articulation.



The Chrysalis has the blue wash 8-bit deco over the black sculpt, and what sets this character apart is the Alien Queen skull on top of his head and forearms as if he’s using it as armor. The skeletal remains on his head and forearms are also given a wash with the 8-bit deco, which also came out really nicely. His eyes are almost hidden under the skull, which are eye sockets rather than eyes. He also has the opening jaw and extended mouth. His hands have long fingernails that looks like tiny claws, and his toe nails are longer and like Razor Claw, they look more like a Raptor’s feet. The fingernails and toe nails also have an 8-bit wash over it, as does the spike on his tail.

The articulation is what you would expect, including the double-hinged elbows and knees.

Overall, the Arcade Appearance Alien figures are excellent and features great likenesses, superior deco with excellent 8-bit deco to pay tribute to the game. The Alien figures stand about 9″ tall when fully extended, which is the average height of the line. NECA continues to offer such great looking figures, and fans will not be disappointed with thee. The Arcade Appearance Predator figures are available now, and you can orders these at the stores listed below:


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