Mattel – DC Multiverse Collect & Connect Ninja Batman Wave Figures Review


Mattel’s run of DC Multiverse is now halfway through with one of the final waves that they are offering after 12 years of offering such great 6″ DC figures, which started in 2007 with DC Super Heroes. This wave introduces an assortment of comic and DCTV characters, including DC Comics Rebirth Wally West The Flash, Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, John Stewart Green Lantern, DCTV Black Lightning and Ninja Batman and the Collect & Connect offering.

This year at San Diego Comic-Con is going to be an interesting one for Mattel, as they will undoubtably reveal the second half of this years offerings, and hopefully we’ll find out where figures such as Black Canary, Aquaman, C&C Behemoth, and others that were shown.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their Ninja Batman wave for review. 

Availability: June 2019/July 1st, 2019

Each figure is packaged on a blister card with comic and character art on the front, sides and back of the packaging. On the back there is also a bio of the character as well as images of the figures in this wave, along with detailed images of what figure comes with what part of Batman as its arrowed and numbered on the back.

Ninja Batman was a surprising reveal as the Collect & Connect, as well as The Joker also shown at last years San Diego Comic-Con, which along with Behemoth, may just be the last three C&C figures that Mattel will ever offer. Ninja Batman features a fantastic figure sculpt and is mostly cast in his black outfit and cowl, and given some details on his chest, hips and back in metallic gold, purple and grey. The articulation on this figure is excellent and you can create some dynamic ninja poses with or without the sword. The figure comes with a sword, sheath, and two sets of interchangeable hands, and there is a piece of him that comes with every figure in this wave. Ninja Batman has a unique design for the head/cape connecting, which means that the cape snaps into the body on top, and Batman’s head snaps into the ball joint on the cape. The cape cannot be removed, and you will need to remove the head and cape to check out the details on his back.

The rest of the figures in this wave are comic and television inspired as stated above, including the DC Rebirth outfits done in this modern DC style. Nightwing is given two sets of interchangeable hands, two clubs, and is painted in his black and blue costume wit ha blue mask over his face. Beast Boy has no accessories, and the superb likeness and attention to detail on the head, hands and feet doesn’t really call for any. Starfire comes with two effect pieces that are placed on her wrists and she is in her purple and silver outfit. Wally West The Flash comes with two sets of interchangeable hands, and lightning effects that clip onto his wrists. His outfit is made of two shades of red, with silver lightning bolts on the outfit, and on his chest. Green Lantern comes with an interchangeable right hand, with the Green Lantern ring, and the other one has a start of a construct he is forming. The outfit is nicely done, which is the standard black and green costume. Black Lightning joins the DCTV line-up that Mattel hasn’t offered in a few years now, and the attention to detail on this costume has some of the best paint applications in the wave. He comes with three sets of interchangeable hands, including two hand effect lightning attacks that come out of the hands.

Overall, Mattel has once again captured a great wave of DC Multiverse figures and a great assortment of characters to help round up some of the last DC figures that they’ll be offering. We particularly love how Ninja Batman came out and all of the great poses that can be created.

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