Ask Jakks Pacific Q&A With Craig Drobis – July 2019


Craig Drobis is the SVP of Marketing for boys action figures and collectors for Jakks Pacific. Craig will be answering your questions for all Ask Jakks submissions. ToyHypeUSA will be sending him monthly questions and we will have your answers back on or around the beginning of each month. Send us your questions to [email protected]. Send in your questions by July 26th.

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1. Jakks pacific, I have been wondering if you guys are to do more diorama sets in the 4’ inch scale with other franchises such as donkey Kong and Zelda.

The Diorama sets we have been doing are largely with the 2.5” figures with the exception being the Mario 4” with 2.5” Bob-Om and 6” Bowser.  We have stayed pretty close to the Super Mario franchise.  We do have a 2.5” Metroid three pack at GameStop (image attached).  We certainly consider Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda and have to look at what we can do to make the best presentation we can.

2. Has the 4″ Incredibles 2 action figure line been cancelled? Will the latest wave featuring Reflux and Screech make its way to stores?

The Incredibles line has not been cancelled, however as you can probably see at retailers, the space is shrinking and the movie product line is winding down.  We have not seen the continued demand to get to wave 3 of the figures where these characters were.  Reflux did appear in the blind box figures which were released.



3. Does the Mega Man: Fully Charged license that Jakks possesses allow you to make any vehicles to go with the figures?

We focused the Mega Man: Fully Charged line on the figures and role play Megabuster, as we thought that is where the core of the interest for the line would be and also because there didn’t appear to be any iconic vehicles in the show, unless you consider Rush as a vehicle of course.

4. For the bendable Sonic the Hedgehog figures, are vehicles a possibility for this figure line to put the figures inside and ride them?

Vehicles for the 4” figures are not currently planned, but we know that they are always of interest to the fans so we are trying to figure out what the right scale and opportunity will be.  When you have a 4” figure, the vehicle gets big pretty quickly.  We are looking of the best means to bring vehicles into the line.

5. Are there any possibilities that Jakks would offer Bowser’s clown car from the classic Super Mario game for Super Nintendo?

We always look for ideas and inspiration and this is a good one.  It is one that is not currently planned, but I really like the idea.  We are really excited about the Bowser’s Castle playset and I have started to see some of the early reviews which are very positive.  What has been on line has sold out quickly.  There will be lots more coming to retail at Target, Amazon, GameStop, Entertainment Earth, and others in the coming weeks.  I hope you enjoy them and we can continue the playset and diorama world we are creating.