Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Series 77 Figures Review


The ever popular Marvel Minimates line continues with their latest offering of Series 77, which includes classic Marvel characters with all of them in their 1980’s/1990’s outfits and appearances. This series includes Black Costume Spider-Man with Kraven the Hunter, Miles Morales with Prowler, Mysterio with Hydro-Man, and Vulture with Molten Man. An extra bonus of the Spider-Slayer is included as a build-a-Minimate figure.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Minimates Series 77 Figures for review. 

Availability: July 2019

The Spider-Man Minimates are packaged on the standard blister card with artwork of the characters on the front, sides, and images of the figures on a back along with a bio. Each 2-pack comes with pieces to build Spider-Slayer.


Mysterio is getting a lot of publicity right now with his appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home so what better way to bring the character to toy form right now in the Minimates line. Mysterio, like the rest of the wave is based on his 1990’s appearance with the dome shaped head, green suit with black detailed lines, gold gloves and boots, and a purple cape. The figure is on the basic minimate block and given pieces unique to the character. He is also a reissue with new deco from the ToysRUs 2-packs in 2015. This new version also has a base that looks like mist as if he’s using his abilities.

Hypdro-Man is given an all new figure in this 2-pack and has a great water effect base for his legs and water effects as his left arm with a water effect on his right wrist. These are made of transparent blue plastic. The head sculpt includes nicely done facial details with a smiling mouth and red hair. The upper torso includes his black shirt with purple muscular details.


The Vulture is a reissue from his Spider-Man Friends and Foes Box Set from 2010 and is also given new green deco and black detailed lines. The wings come as two pieces that are non-articulated and meant to be moved with the arms. The head sculpt also is given a new facial expression with a smile and nicely done detailed eyes.

Molten Man makes his Minimates debut and is covered in gold deco with flame attachments on his chest and around his shoulders. His hands and feet are also interchangeable with non-flame pieces that are also included. The figure is also given black line details on the sculpt as well as nicely done facial details.


Black Costume Spider-Man is given an update and this 2-pack is based on the 1987 comic book storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt” when Kraven kills Spider-Man and buries him. Spider-Man is in his black outfit with blue detailed lines, with dirt sculpted on top of his head. This new figure also has a new dirt base that is swappable with his legs. The base is meant to be the ground as if he’s rising from his grave. Also included is a headstone.

Kraven the Hunter is also given a new Minimate for this release and includes his lion vest with great painted details just like he looks in the comic. He also has orange pants with black patterns, white and black belt, brown wrist bands and sandals. His facial details are nicely done with a new smiling mouth and details black deco as his mustache, and eyes. Included is a spear and a knife.


Miles Morales in in his prototype suit and this version makes his debut to the Minimates line. This version of Miles Morales comes in a red shirt with black webbing, light grey sleeves with red at the end, black pants, yellow shoes, white goggles with blue lenses and a black mask.

The Prowler makes his debut in the Minimates line and is given his classic 90’s outfit. This outfit includes a green suit with a light green logo on his chest, purple cape, gloves, belt and boots. His head sculpt is also painted in his purple mask and black deco around his eyes and nose. The hands are also clawed just like in the comics.


Once you have all four 2-packs, you can build the Spider-Slayer Minimate that is also slightly taller than the standard 2″ figures. This version of the Spider-Slayer is based on Amazing Spider-Man #58. In the comic, J. Jonah Jameson and Smythe send this new Spider-Slayer robot out to capture Spider-Man, and when Smythe attempts to kill Spider-Man with the Spider-Slayer, this causes a conflict between him and JJJ. The body is the Spider-Slayer is silver wit nicely detailed black deco on the chest, legs and feet. The face has a likeness of J Jonah Jameson with the same great detailed facial details fans are used too.

Overall, Marvel Minimates Series 77 Spider-Man is an excellent wave with great character selections, superior deco and sculpting and great accessories. Fans of classic Marvel stories will love this line-up. This is sold at comic shops, as well as our partners below:


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