Super7 Confirms ThunderCats Line Coming With Upcoming Announcements

Super7 Confirms ThunderCats Line Coming With Upcoming Announcements


Super7 confirmed this week that they will be offering ThunderCats collectibles following San Diego Comic-Con and that an official announcement is coming on August 12th. This announcement confirms our report last month about ThunderCats, and according to our sources from San Diego Comic-Con, ThunderCats Classics will be making a return. While an official announcement from Super7 won’t happen until next week, we have to ask the question what exactly is Super7 planning? While the return of Classics has yet to be confirmed by Super7, we’re confident that our report stands and we hope to have more information on August 12th and at Power-Con. Originally, we has assumed that a confirmation would take place at Power-Con this month, but that show is all out He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, so it’s understandable that Super7 wants to make an announcement before the show.

During Power-Con last year, Mattel had shown Grune and Jaga, the two figures originally planned then cancelled in their 2016 line-up. These figures were cancelled to make the line shorter, and it was assumed that these figures would be the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives that year, but instead Mattel offered WilyKit and WilyKat as a 2-pack.

We believe that Grune and Jaga will be offered as part of Super7’s initial ThunderCats launch, but nothing has been confirmed other than the fact that Super7 will be making ThunderCats toys. Stay tuned as he learn more.


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