Power-Con 2019: Mattel – Masters Of The WWE Universe Panel Coverage

Mattel is hosting their first Masters of the Universe/WWE crossover panel of the new line coming later this year. As you know, the figures are interchangeable between these and the Masters of the Universe Origins line coming in 2020.

Some new crossover figures artwork is shown.

Packaging – on the backdrop of the front is the wrestling ring so it looks like the figures are standing inside, and behind that is the entrance to Castle Grayskull. The rocks above it are exploding as if the logo is coming out. The back of the package has action shots paintings of the figures. Mini-Comics will be available with the figures, along with a bio.

The WWE/Masters of the Universe figures are Walmart exclusives that are coming before the end of the year. Wave 1 includes Ult. Warrior, Sting, Triple H, John Cena, Wave 2 includes Rey Mysterio (Stratos), Roman Reigns (Fisto), John Cena (Faker), Macho Man-At-Arms (Battle Armor is removable). Wave 3 includes Braun Strowman, Undertaker, A New Day Man-E-Faces


Alexa Bliss as the Goddess – Noted by Mattel

Vince as Horde Prime? We’ll have to wait and see. It’ll be hard to find a character that would be Battle Cat.

If the MOTU WWE is successful, Mattel could expand to include NXT and other era’s and superstars in this line, if everything aligns.

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