Jakks Pacific World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar In-Stock On Amazon


Amazon.com has an in-stock listing of Jakks Pacific newly released World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar, which includes 17 of their figures all for $49.99. Free domestic shipping is also available and you can order this now by clicking HERE!

The calendar covers 24 days and there are offerings other than figures inside. Order yours today!

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  • Super Mario Advent calendar includes 24 days of surprises!
  • Count down the days until Christmas by revealing a new figure or accessory Each day
  • Includes 17 articulated 2.5” figures and 7 accessories
  • Display your favorite figures with the pop-up environment pieces to create your own scene
  • Each numbered door contains a figure or accessory piece from the super Mario video games
  • Makes a perfect gift/ present for holidays and birthdays (Christmas/ navidad, Hanukkah, kwanzaa, birthday)
  • For ages 3+

Nintendo launched its first console in North America in 1985, and the rest is video game history. Nintendo has sold more than 4.7 billion video games globally, including the popular Super Mario Bros. Franchise. Mario has since gone on to star in many more gaming adventures, allowing him to evolve into the beloved pop-culture icon he is today. Along with his friends Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad, this classic video game Hero has an enduring appeal for fans of all ages!
explore the Mushroom Kingdom with this Super Mario Advent calendar full of surprises. Count the days down and reveal a figure or accessory Each day. Display them with the pop-up environment pieces and create your own scene. The Super Mario Advent calendar includes 24 total surprises from the Super Mario video game franchise. There are a variety of popular characters and accessories included to expand your Super Mario World. Each figure and accessory is hidden behind a numbered door so you’ll never know what you’ll be getting next. The unique packaging allows you to open up the front panel and and use the pop-up environment pieces as a display area for your favorite items. With 24 days of surprises, This is a great holiday gift for Super Mario fans of all ages!