Jakks Pacific World Of Nintendo 4″ Wave 15 Figures Review


Jakks Pacific continues to impress the collector and fanbase with their World of Nintendo figures, playsets and collectibles. This year along has seen many great playsets such as Bowser’s Castle for the 2.5″ line and others. This line-up of 4″ figures comes with an assortment of characters inspired by the video games, including Odyssey Mario with Cappy, Lakitu, Cappy Hammer Bro, Explorer Mario and Captain Mario.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for sending along their World of Nintendo 4″ Wave 15 figures for review. 

Availability: 2019

The figures are packaged in a blister card with artwork inspired by the game, images of the figures on the back as well as a brief bio.


Odyssey Mario and Captain Mario both have updated overalls and shares the same body sculpt. The overalls feature sculpted textures that gives it the appearance of jean material, where as the original sculpt was smooth. The head sculpts and hands are unique to characters, such as Odyssey Mario has a has his index finger pointing out, with a right handed fist, and both of Captain Mario’s hands are fisted. Both of the head sculpts are nicely done and pay a great likeness to Mario as seen in the game. Captain Mario comes with a blue power up moon.

Cappy is nicely done and proportional to how he looks in the game. He can be held in either of Mario’s hands, but cannot be posed properly on Mario’s head due to how the hair is sculpted.


Explorer Mario is based on his appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, and comes in his in his beige hiking outfit that is given a sculpted texture on the hat, coat, a red shirt underneath, and pants. The jacket includes front pockets, a gold button and there is also a brown belt with a silver buckle. The shoes are nicely painted with brown, red and silver deco, with the bottoms painted in beige. There is camping gear sculpted to his back with the brown straps around his shoulders. The caping gear has a brown bag, a sleeping bag above it, and black straps. The hands are both sculpted in as a closed fist, and the head sculpt has nicely done facial details with a great likeness as seen on the other figures. Included with Explorer Mario is a red power up moon.


Cappy Hammer Bro is one of Bowser’s minions, and has a green and white shell on his back with sculpted grooves. His skin has a light brown flesh tone, chest with sculpted grooves, green shoes with a beige bottom, and the head sculpt has a Mario hat with a black mustache. The head sculpt is also nicely done, and the hat is non-removable. Included with Cappy Hammer Bro is a hammer.


Lakitu has the most interesting sculpt in the entire wave, and the figure has a similar style and build as the other Super Mario figure offerings. Lakitu is permanently affixed to his cloud, and has a nicely done sculpt with a great likeness including the big glasses to his face, black hairs on top, and the green and black shell on his back. The cloud includes a face that has a smile and black eyes, and standing it up without the included acrylic stand would mean allowing it to lean backwards. Unlike the rest of the figures in this assortment, he has articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Included is a fishing pole that can fit in one or both hands, and on the end of it is a hook.

Overall, Jakks has been doing a remarkable job on their Super Mario line is all scales and sizes and this wave is no exception. The figures are made solid with a little bit of weight to it, and the quality of the paint applications and overall designs are top notch. Grab this wave now and others just like in stores, or at the stores mentioned below:



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