Hasbro Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary – Classic Thor & Iron Man Figures Review


Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary line-up this year includes a wide range of characters from both comic and movie. The Marvel brand team has been doing a remarkable job selecting characters that gives fans of both more character selections than we’ve seen, including Avengers, X-Men and Spider-Man. These Thor and Iron Man figures are part of the 80th Anniversary celebration of Marvel. It’s impressive what the team at Hasbro has been able to do so far, and they are even getting to characters from X-Factor and X-Force that we haven’t seen since the mid 90’s from ToyBiz. Characters such as Havoc, Polaris, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Kong, and even a 90’s Storm figure are all things you don’t see enough of. It’s a great mix of film and comic characters going on right now to keep everyone happy, and we’re hoping to see more great surprises on the horizon.

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Availability: August 2019

These figures are packaged in a window box with artwork from the 80th Anniversary line, classic comic images of the characters on the sides, back as well as a bio.


Iron Man is given a great update in his classic red and gold armor, which is also given metallic paint applications to make it shine. The Arc ReActor is at the center of his chest and looks more like a pearl. The figure is given three interchangeable head sculpts, classic, modern and a Tony Stark head to give you customizable options. Each of these heads work great with the body, and the helmets have the same metallic gold and red deco as the suit. The Tony Stark head is inspired from the comics and has some nicely done facial details, including a mustache and black hair.



This updated figure also comes with some of the blast effects previously offered, as well as two new one’s that the effects can plug into creating a new type of blast effect. The blast effects are painted in yellow, with the extended one painted white at the end and yellow further down. Iron Man is also given two sets of hands, closed fisted, and open hands that the blast effects can plug into.

Iron Man is given the modern articulation, including a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocker ankles.


Thor is given one of the best updates we’ve seen, which is a character that has already seen many variations to the line over the years. This update is inspired by classic Marvel, and before you ask, you definitely need to own this figure. Thor comes in his black, blue, silver and yellow costume, with a metallic gold belt buckle. The cape is made of a soft plastic and has red deco with a black wash. The wrists are given bands that are painted in red and black stripes. The details on the costume are great and pay great likeness to how he looked back in the day. The head sculpt looks great with the helmet sculpted on, wings on the sides of it and painted in light and dark grey. His blonde hair goes down the sides and his back, and are individually sculpted.


Thor includes his hammer Mjolnir, with the sculpted phrase done right on it, and is attached to a handle with a band that he can also hold to spin around. Also included with Thor are two interchangeable left hands, a closed fisted and open hand.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boots, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, Hasbro has stepped up their game with quality lately and their Marvel Legends figures keep getting better. The 80th Anniversary line has some of the best updates we’ve seen and strongly encourage you to check these out. These figures and more are available and in-stock now at Megalopolis for $26.99 each.


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