Jakks Pacific Sonic The Hedgehog Bendable Figures Review


Jakks Pacific is offering several waves of Sonic The Hedgehog Bendable Figures, which the first wave was revealed at New York ToyFair 2019. Normally, Sonic has always been offered as articulated figures, and Jakks is offering bendables to give fans something new. If you’ve been reading our monthly Q&A with Craig Drobis, Craig specified this, and also mentioned that Jakks could also look at articulated figures at some point. The first wave of bendables includes Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles. The second wave will include Sonic, Super Sonic, Metal Sonic and Dr. Engman. This wave was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Also shown in the gallery and some additional Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles and Harry Potter. This includes 7″ Sonic Plush figures, and Sonic The Hedgehog Pinball Green Hill Zone Pinball Track Play Set. For Harry Potter, check out the collective Wands blind boxes, Hogwart’s Great Hall Mini Play Set, Hegwig Interactive Creature, Ollivanders Shop Mini Play Set, and Quidditch Patch Mini Play Set. Look for all of these in stores now, or check out where to buy below.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Sonic The Hedgehog Bendable Figures for review, along with everything else shown.

Availability: August 2019

The Sonic bendables are packaged on blister cards, which includes nicely done artwork and the logo on the front, and images of the figures on the back. Each figure also includes a spinnable disk.


The Sonic Bendable figures are based on the classic 1990’s video gam, which is a fan-favorite designs of these iconic characters. These bendables were offered to give fans something new that they don’t already have, as these characters have previously been offered as articulated figures. The arms and legs on each of them bend nicely to create some poses, but are also limited as these can only bend. The inclusion of ball jointed heads is a nice touch and also a nice surprise for anyone not expecting that on bendables, and can rotate around. Each of the head sculpts came out great and keep the characters iconic look, such as the hair and facial details. Tails gets her two tails in the back, but is also a bit back heavy, and the feet and ankles have to be bent forward a bit to compensate the extra weight. The deco on the figures came out great and keeps the cartoony/video game appearance of the characters.


Included are spinnable disc’s as shown in the package, and these open up to create mini-figures with 8-bit deco. The 8-bit deco shows up on both sides so they can be displayed either way as shown. Each of these includes a stand, which is the only part that cannot be stored inside the disc.

Overall, the Sonic the Hedgehog bendables are great figures with excellent likenesses, top quality, and just fun to play with. If you’re a Sonic fan, make sure to grab yourself a set even if you own Sonic figures that came before.


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