Jakks Pacific World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar Video Unboxing & Review


Jakks Pacific is giving fans a new opportunity to jump on board this line with their World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar, which offers many core characters and accessories that sometimes can be difficult to find as individual offerings.

This calendar is exclusively available on Amazon.com for $49.99 and offers 24 days of fun, with 17 2.5″ articulated figures and 7 accessories. This is a great countdown Calendar to Christmas Day and makes a perfect stocking stuffer for those of you that need some ideas.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar for review. 

Availability: September 2019 – Amazon Exclusive

The World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Advent Calendar is packaged in a box with an opening flap in the front, and the front and back includes Super Mario themed artwork, with images of some of the figures included on the back in the diorama setting.

This new offering from Jakks Pacific gives collectors and kids the ability to catch up on some of the core characters inspired by the video games, which have been offered before. This Advent Calendar is a great offering and a quick inexpensive way to obtain all of these great characters to go with Bower’s Castle and the other play sets currently on store shelves. For a holiday themed Calendar, this is a great one especially for kids and adult collectors, and before you watch the video of the unboxing, keep in mind it would ruin the surprise if you choose to open it one day at a time, and we also recommend not to scroll down and check out the photo gallery for that same reason. If you don’t mind spoilers, then please check it out, and make sure to buy one now at Amazon.





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Spoilers below – 

The box set includes Mario, Luigi, Princess, Toad, Green Yoshi, Mario – Running, Ice Luigi, Ice Mario, Green Toad, Red Yoshi, Goomba, Bob-omb, Piranha Plant, Bullet, Amiibo – Koopa Troopa (green and red shells), Boo, gold star, green and red mushrooms, ? box, gold coin, Fire Flower and Ice Flower.