Jakks Pacific World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Scale Acorn Plains & Lava Castle Playsets Review


Jakks Pacific continues to offer such great Super Mario themed sets that were never seen before, including new playsets inspired by the classic games. In the past several years, we’ve seen not only retro gaming become more popular than ever with the re-releases of these games, but figures and playsets such as these offered in the 2.5″and 4″ figure scales. The Acorn Plains Playset and the Lava Castle Playset, along with this years trophy of toys – Bowser’s Castle, gives gamers and toy collectors that option to display these figures not offered before, with backdrops and diorama’s of some of their favorite scenes from the games. Both of these sets include a Mario figure, and there are also diorama sets being offered such as the Acorn Plains Diorama Set, and the Lava Castle Diorama Set, that both serve as battle packs with additional figures.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their World Of Nintendo 2.5″ Scale Acorn Plains & Lava Castle Playsets for review.

Availability: August 2019

Both of these sets are packaged in boxes with images of the sets on the front, along with animated artwork of Mario. The back showcases the set, along with its features, a description and additional sets that are available.


The Acorn Plains Playset is the grassy first world in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. The set comes in 10 pieces that require assembly, including two grassy floor platforms that connect, and three backdrop pieces that connect to the back of the bases. The backdrops are very colorful and nicely done tones. Both of the platforms have pegs for the warp pipe and color boxes and can snap into place. The warp pipe has a adjustable option to raise or lower, and the pipe, and the blocks can have figures placed on top of them. The warp pipe and blocks are also interchangeable, and can be placed on either of the pegs on the floor.


There are also two block platforms that connect to the backdrop, and has the appearance that it can float. The longer of these has a coin that pops up when you hit the bottom of the platform, which in the game Mario can collect these. The coin cannot be removed, but can be lowered back down into the block. On this playset that is plenty of room to store and display up to a dozen 2.5″ figures.


The Lava Castle Playset offers a theme that’s surely a fan favorite, which includes a rotating lava fireball tower as seen in the game, which is connected to a pillar that is plugged into the base. This playset includes 7 pieces that requires assembly, including two bases that connect, and a backdrop that has pillars and a stone brick top. The backdrop includes a bone lift that is adjustable, and a swinging pendulum. The base has pegs that the pillar with the fireball tower and the bone bridge can be placed on, and is also interchangeable.


This playset has a lot of room to display figures especially on the floor, stone base on top, and even the bone bridge can store several figures. Depending on how you display it, this set can hold at least a dozen figures or more side by side.

Overall, Jakks Pacific continues to offer such great playsets and figures with great likenesses and features. Both of the Acorn Plains and the Lava Castle are great additions to the line that fans will surely enjoy. These are available now, and can be ordered at the stores below:


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