NECA Toys Loot Launcher Gremlins “Dress Up & Play” New Figure Images


NECA Toys have revealed new figure images of their Loot Launcher Gremlins “Dress Up & Play” figure that is part of their Lootcrate’s new crowd funding platform. The Loot Launcher will run like Kickstarter, and these will only be available once a specific number of backers are hit. The “Dress Up & Play” Gremlin includes accessories to make the Flasher Gremlin, and the Flashdancer Gremlin as seen in the film. This set also includes additional accessories such as the poker hat, poker chips, playing cards, a fedora, a mug of beer, a mallet, a hand puppet, and more. They are seeking to make a minimum of 3,000  and require that many backers to pledge. The crate is priced at $49.99.

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NECA Gremlins “Dress Up & Play” Figure – $49.99

Don’t get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight. Oh, you already broke all of those rules? Well, get ready for mayhem with the Gremlins “Dress Up & Play” Figure!

This 6” Gremlin figure features 2 brand new exclusive outfits: a “Flasher” Raincoat with detailed buttons & waist belt; and a “Flashdancer” outfit featuring a sweatshirt and legwarmers! PLUS, you also get an assortment of brand new accessories, including a Poker Chip Pile, Bow Tie, Visor, Mallet, Hand Puppet, Fedora, bonus interchangeable hands, Sunglasses, Frosty Mug, Cigarettes, and Playing Cards to further accessorize your Gremlin collection!