Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Logan Figure Review

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Logan Figure Review


Mezco Toys is offering a new variant for Logan in their One:12 Collective line, and this is the third version of the character that has been offered. Logan includes multiple interchangeable portraits, swap out hands, a removable hat and jacket, dog tags and a figure base with acrylic stand. This version of Logan is more of a street cloths tough guy looking figure compared to their Old Man Logan and Wolverine 5 Ronin figures, which were the other two offerings released so far. From a fans perspective, you need a version like this in your collection as it’s one of his most memorable variations, and from a companies perfective it’s easy to make as Mezco also has most of the parts made to create another version of him. Logan is priced at $80.00 USD, and you can order him now at Entertainment Earth by clicking HERE!

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Availability: 2019


Logan is updated in a street outfit and given an updated look to how most fans remember him, with his tough guy attitude that’s ready to take on every scum bag that crosses his path. The figure includes the same base body as offered previously with Old Man Logan and Ronin, with some newly added cloths such as the Cowboy hat sculpted to one his head sculpts, and includes a nicely detailed rim, with a paint wash over it that makes the hat look like leather.

Logan is depicted in his white tank top shirt, blue jeans, and a new bomber jacket with a zipper in the front. The dog tag that’s included fits around his neck, and has some words in black that are too small to read. Each of the new cloths has a texture as these are made of real fabric, as seen with every One:12 figure.


There are also three interchangeable head sculpts that are included, such as the Cowboy hat, normal appearance, and one with an eye patch over his left eye. All three head sculpts are unique enough to give him three different looks, and since the jacket is removable, there is some options to display him in different ways.


This version of Logan is known to hang out in bars, usually picking fights, and with the eye patch head, he is remembered for riding motorcycles. While Mezco continues to expand their Marvel One:12 offerings, this particular version of Logan will probably be the most interest to fans that may not want to purchase evert variation out there, and this version gives you a definitive look of the character.

Logan also includes three sets of hand sculpts, closed fisted, claws extended, and two open hands. The claws have a sharpness to them, and non-articulated.

Overall, Logan is an excellent figure, and the old and new parts work very well together and gives him what we’re calling his definitive look. The detail and likeness on him looks great, the articulation is the same as previous figures as it’s a shared body, and if anything, this version makes us want even more offerings. With his long history in Marvel Comics, the sky is the limit on what could be done with a character like this, especially in his Wolverine costume. If you’re looking for a great Logan figure, then this one is for you. Even if you have the other versions of the character, it’s still great to have a third that’s this street tough looking guy, and also a younger version of Old Man Logan that was offered.


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