Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates X-Factor Series 78 Figures Review


One growing trend right now in figures and collectibles is the 1990’s era of Marvel Comics, which has seen a return as it pays a nostalgie to those of you that grew up reading comics of the time and watching several animated series that also had aired. This wave focuses on X-Factor as seen in the 1990’s, and each 2-pack includes parts to build Strong Guy. This wave includes Cyclops with Havok, Jean Grey with Polaris, Beast with Wolfsbane, and Archangel with Jaime Madrox aka Multiple Man.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Minimates X-Factor Series 78 Figures for review. 

Availability: November 2019

The X-Factor Minimates are packaged on the standard blister card with artwork of the characters on the front, sides, and images of the figures on a back along with a bio. Each 2-pack comes with pieces to build Strong Guy.

Cyclops and Havok Summers are offered as a 2-pack are are inspired from the 1990’s X-Force appearance in Marvel Comics. Cyclops comes in his blue and white outfit, with a white X on his chest and back, and has an interchangeable mask with visor, with one having the mask covering his head, and the other his brown hair on top and back. Havok is in his dark blue and yellow outfit, with the jacket being a separate piece placed over the block body. His head sculpt includes a painted mask on the sides, blond hair, and nicely done facial deco. He also has two plasma effects that can be placed on his wrists by removing his hands, and placing the pieces between the wrist and hand sculpts. These pieces are made of yellow plastic, and works pretty well as far an effect goes for a 2″ Minimate figure. Both figures include a clear acrylic stand.


Jean Grey and Polaris is a 2-pack that follows Cyclops and Havok, and are the female companions of these heroes. Jean Grey is in her red and yellow outfit, with red hair and a red mask over her face. She also has the yellow X on her chest and back. Polaris is also in a blue and yellow outfit, with a red and black circular X-Men logo on her chest, green hair, and nicely done facial deco. Polaris’ shirt is open on the front, and the detail they used does a nice job making it look like her chest is popping out with the black lines capturing that detail. She also includes the effect pieces that are in green plastic, and each figure also have a clear acrylic figure stand.


Multiple Man comes in his jacket that is placed over the block body, with the arms painted to look like sleeves. He is painted in his blue and yellow outfit, with some nicely done yellow patterns and black lines on his chest. His head sculpt is masked with a yellow and red X logo. Archangel comes in his metal wings that connect to his back with small plugs on the back, and holes in the wings. The wings are non-articulated, and are also curved as you may recall how these looked in the comics. He is painted in his blue and purple outfit, mask, and blue skin tone. His facial details are nicely done, and he has yellow eyes. Included is a flying stand, and both figures also have a clear acrylic figure stand.


Wolfsbane is in her blue and yellow outfit, with the blue shoulder pads being separate pieces and placed over the shoulders. Her outfit includes a red and black X-Men logo, and there are black lines showing off some of the detail. Her arms and legs are brown to indicate fur, with some black lines giving it detail such as the belt. Her head sculpt includes a head piece that has her hair, ears, and sides. Beast has several parts placed over the standard Minimate body, such as the chest, legs and arms to give him a bulkier appearance. Most of him has blue fur with black lines showing the detail, dark blue shorts, a separate head piece showing off his hair and ears, and his facial details include an open mouth and yellow eyes. Both figures include a clear acrylic stand.


Strong Guy joins the Minimates line, and is offered as a Build-A-Minimate, meaning each of the 2-packs includes parts to build him. Most of the sculpt has pieces placed over the block body, especially the chest piece as that is the largest piece. He is in his yellow and blue outfit, with silver shoulders pads, a red X on his chest. His head sculpt is bald, with one piece of white hair in the front, red goggles, and an open mouth with his teeth showing. What should have been done here is to give him bulky parts for this arms, instead of leaving the standard brick pieces, as he looks too scrawny like this and doesn’t quite match his namesake. Other than that, he’s perfect.

Overall, Marvel Comics in the 90’s was one of the best era’s from the company (if not the best), and we will take pretty much anything from that time we can get our hands on today. This is truly a nice wave that will hopefully setup room for more 90’s era characters in the Minimates and Select lines. If you were around then and reading the comics, make sure to grab yourself a set now, and please support this wave and hopefully we’ll see more 90’s era releases. You can buy these now at your local comic shop, or order at one of our sponsors below:


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