Funko – ThunderCats Savage World Wave 2 Cheetara, Tygra, Monkian & Jackalman Figures Review


Funko is now offering a second wave of their popular ThunderCats Savage World figures, and this wave includes Cheetara, Tygra, Monkian and Jackalman. Thundercats fans have been looking forward to this wave ever since Funko had unveiled these figures at New York ToyFair 2018, and almost two years later the figures are starting to show up at select retailers as mentioned below. ThunderCats is a franchise that had its debut in the 1980’s with an animated series and a most memorable toyline that most reading this would have grown up on watching and probably even had some or most of the figures back in the day. If you were one of them, these figures will undoubtably have a nostalgic appeal to you.

With Funko now offering a second wave, it’s a milestone for them as some of these characters have not made it in the Classics lineup that is returning starting next year, and Funko seems to be focusing on original characters introduced at the beginning of the series. With most of them now done, this only leaves Vultureman, Jaga, Wilykit, Wilycat and Snarf (even a mummy version of Mumm-Ra would be great) as potential releases for what we’re hoping to see in a third wave should that happen. At this point anything is possible as they are the only company right now to offer retro style ThunderCats figures, and it appears that Super7 won’t be able to do figures like these, leaving a third wave from Funko a greater possibility and we’re hoping to learn more at February’s New York ToyFair.

These figures are inspired by the 1980’s figure style and design and updated with a bulkier sculpt in order to fit into the hands of adults as opposed to the sculpts with thinner sculpts that fit into kids hands. These figures are part of Funko’s Savage World collection, such as their DC Primal Age, Mortal Kombat, Horror icons, Conan and similar lines.

Thank you to Funko for providing their ThunderCats Savage World Wave 2 Cheetara, Tygra, Monkian & Jackalman Figures for review.

Availability: December 2019

Each figure is packaged on a blister card with ThunderCats artwork on the front, and images of the figures, including waves 1 and 2 on the back.


This second wave fits in perfectly with the first one, and fans are now one step closer to completing the core characters from the beginning of the series.


Tygra and Cheetara are two heroic cats that fit right in with Lion-O and Panthro. Tygra is painted in his blue and light grey outfit with the ThunderCats logo on his chest that came out really well, and the figure also has a metallic gold trim on his sleeve, and ovals on his shins. His fur is painted in orange, with black stripes, and his head sculpt has white hair on the lower portion of his hair that goes around his head. The face also has a flesh color that also shows up on his hands. His facial details are nicely done, especially his eyes. Tygra includes his whip that is sculpted in an upward position, and has a metallic gold handle and ring where the whip splits into three parts, and three red balls on the end.

Cheetara is painted in her orange and tan outfit that would would remember, with silver bracelets on her right wrist, and the ThunderCats logo on her chest. Her head sculpt is nicely done and she has her yellow hair with black spots, which she also has on her right shoulder and right side of her upper back, orange shading around her eyes, orange lipstick, and a flesh color on her head and hands. Cheetara includes her staff, which can only be held at an angel due to how her hands are sculpted. Since her wrists are slated like this, she can only hold the staff in front of her as opposed to on the side.

Their articulation includes a swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel torso, and ball jointed hips.


The Mutants are now nearly completed as only Vultureman remains. Monkian is in his light grey skin tone with white fur on his shoulders and head, and includes brown straps on his arms and legs, with metallic silver spikes sticking out the sides of his legs. He also is dressed in a red cloth around his waist and a black belt above it. His head sculpt includes a metallic silver helmet, and his facial details include orange eyes, a nicely done mouth sculpt with fangs and teeth, and there is even a brown ribbon hanging on the right side of his face that is attached to the helmet. Included with Monkian is a mace, and has a brown and metallic silver handle, black string, and a metallic silver mace.

Jackalman is sculpted with a chest harness with a metallic silver ring and a red circle at the center, green loincloth with a brown belt above it, light brown shin guards with metallic silver trim around it, a metallic silver left shoulder pad, Leppard stripe forearm guard with brown straps on the other side, and a metallic silver bracelet on the right wrist. His head sculpt is nicely done and includes orange hair that is also on his right shoulder, brown hair on top that is also on his upper back, and nicely done facial details that includes his eyes, nose, and a mouth with fangs. Around his eyes, mouth and chest is a flesh tone color, that also shows up on the inside of his ears, and along the sides of his face. Included with Jackalman is his axe that is painted with a brown handle, and a metallic silver axe.

Their articulation includes a swivel head, swivel shoulders, swivel torso, and ball jointed hips.

The hand sculpts on all of these figures require you to loosen up the plastic with a blow dryer or hot water before attempting to place the weapons into their hands. The plastic on the hands harden and it will be difficult to place the weapons in their hands without loosening up the joints.

Overall, the Funko designers have done an excellent job on these ThunderCats Savage World figures and anyone that’s a fan of retro style figures or ThunderCats will want these. The figures have great sculpts, really good paint applications and definitely appear to a high-end quality side to them. These are definitely worth owning and make great holiday gifts this year. See store links below and grab yourself a complete set!


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