Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates – Walgreens Exclusive Spider-Man Maximum Venom Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are offering a new wave of Marvel Minimates exclusively at Walgreens, which includes Symbiote Spider-Man with Venomized Hulk, and Venom with Venomized Captain America. These figures are based on the upcoming third season of Marvel’s Spider-Man on Disney XD. In this season, Venom summons more symbiote’s to infect Marvel’s heroes and villains worldwide. This season is set to air starting April 2020, which is going to be a fun ride for Marvel fans.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Minimates Venomized figures for review. 

Availability: October 2019

This initial assortment gives you a look at what to expect as far as character design in the upcoming season, which offers Venomized versions of three Marvel Super Heroes as well as Venom.


Venom, Captain America and Hulk are given some newly tooled pieces that are placed over the standard Minimate body, all with head sculpts that have a symbiote tongue sticking out. Venom is mostly in black with his white logo on his chest, and an interchangeable left forearm that is shaped like a hook, as well as tentacles on his back. The hand sculpts are clawed, which is also seen on Captain America and Hulk, rather than the standard Minimate hands.


Captain America has a nice mix to him, while keeping to his iconic colors, the black symbiote is painted on the costume, with tentacles on his left leg, and shield.


Hulk is mostly covered with the Venom symbiote, with his feet and purple pants remain untouched. Both of the arms, chest and head include the symbiote, with the forearms easy to remove, leaving a stump where his hand should be. There are also multiple faces on these parts with eyes and teeth, along with purple tongues that gives it great detail.


Spider-Man is given interchangeable parts allowing for two different ways to display him. His right arm and left leg can be swapped out and replaced with grey and black pieces of his suit. On the red and blue parts, he has the venom pieces on his wrist and thigh, which can be removed. His head sculpt can also be swapped out, and includes one with the grey and black, and the other the red and black, and grey and black split head. The body is nicely done and the painted details such as the logo on his chest look great. This is the only figure in the wave with the standard base, and his hands are given the Venom hands rather than the standard Minimate one’s.

Each of these figures also includes an acrylic figure stand.

Overall, this Spider-Man: Maximum Venom wave is a fun set of characters and really nicely done. The attention to detail and interchangeable parts makes this wave even better, Look for these in Walgreens Stores now.



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