Diamond Select Toys – The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 7 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are now offering their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 7 Figures, which includes Snowman Jack, Big Vampire and Skinny Vampire. Each figure comes with part of the Halloween Town guillotine environment, which the final pieces of this set comes with series 8.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 7 figures for review.

Availability: January 2020

Each figure is packaged on the standard blister card, with nicely done artwork and images on the front and sides, and on the back is a look at the figures as well as the diorama.


Snowman Jack has the likeness of three snowballs stacked, and includes interchangeable parts. This includes Jack’s skeleton head with a green top hat, as well as his arms and hands that are all connected to the top snowball. The top snowball has two buttons and pulls off and you can create his Snowman appearance with the extra head sculpt, and sticks as arms that connect to the sides of the middle snowball. The snowman head also includes a green top hat, a long carrot for a nose, and buttons as eyes and a mouth. These parts are also on the fragile side so be wary of this as you display it and for storage. The middle snowball also has there buttons, and the sides have holes where you put the stick arms into. The inside of him is hollow, and the figure is on the light side.

In addition to the interchangeable parts as shown, he also includes an umbrella that can rest on one of his stick arms, a penguin that cannot stand up by himself, and a piece of the diorama as shown.


The Skinny Vampire is one of four Vampires that are offered in series 7 and 8, and like the others, he comes in his black outfit with arms that look like a bats wings. His head sculpt is nicely done with great vampire features, and he has the hood behind his head. His hands are also skinny and the right one can swap out for the hand holding the umbrella. He also comes with one of the walls with a black pumpkin on top, which is nicely sculpted with a wash over it.


The Big Vampire is one of the two of the heavy set of Vampires being offered, and the body comes in two separate pieces in the packaging that you need to snap it together. The inside is hollow, just like Snowman Jack, and the arms and head and not proportional to his size, just like in the film. The head is tiny, but has a great likeness with vampire features, and the arms also have the vampire wings design. The arms for both of the vampire figures, and in wave 8, are also on the fragile side and can only swivel, so be careful and mindful of this. His left hand can swap out with the hand holding the umbrella.

Included are three parts of the diorama, including a pot and two pillars as shown.


Overall, this is an excellent wave with some excellent sculpting and attention to detail, as well as a great likeness to the figures. The interchangeable parts with Snowman Jack and the umbrellas for the vampires are a nice touch, and a great value for the $24.99 price point. Look for this wave now at our valued sponsors and partners below, and check back for a review of Series 8 soon.


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