Boss Fight Studio – Bucky O’Hare Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper Figure Review

Boss Fight Studio – Bucky O’Hare Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper Figure Review


“Let’s croak us some Toads!”

Bucky O’Hare continues to be a popular brand for Boss Fight Studio, and they are offering some new figures this year, including the Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper that is a repaint of the first release, and offers deco inspired from the 1991-1992 animated series. The Toad Troopers are the army of Komplex, a sentient computer program that manifests itself in the form of a computerized toad face on viewscreens, and is the unopposed ruler of the Toad Empire.

Thank you to Boss Fight Studio for providing their Bucky O’Hare Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper Figure for review. 

Availability: March 2020

The Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper is packed on the standard resealable blister card, with artwork inspired from the vintage toyline, and the back includes images of the figures, a comic stripe, and a bio.


The Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper is a repaint from the first release and is repainted to how he looked in the original cartoon, and comes with all the accessories as parts as the original release had. The Toad Troopers are meant as an army builder for the line to fight Bucky O’Hare and his friends, so you’re going to want to buy a lot of these Toad Troopers. Ever since Boss Fight Studio started making these Bucky O’Hare figures, which haven’t been made since 1992, fans have been over joyed with the quality, attention to detail, and the high-end look and amount of articulation these figures have been given. The Toad Trooper continues this trend of these high quality figures and the new deco stands out from the first release.

The Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper is painted in a blue and green outfit, with a yellow harness on his chest and around his waist, yellow bracelets, and yellow spike details on the shoes. The chest has a yellow skull and crossbones visage that implies these are not heroic characters. The skin tone is a light green that looks good, and the helmet and cap are also in light green with yellow patterns over the ears, and the helmet has a red domes over the eyes. Since he’s an army builder, he comes with two head sculpts so that there could be some distinguished qualities among the Toad army, and with the interchangeable helmet and cap there are multiple ways to display this character. Personally, we could suggest you to purchase 4 of each in the two different colors, but that’s if you’re ready to spend $34.99 each on these.


The figure also comes with repainted accessories, including the Toad Phlegm Laser Rifle, Bayonet, Laser Pistol, and multiple hand sculpts. The accessories work well for the figure, and can even be stored on the pegs on his harness. The rifle is set on a weird angle and it’s tricky to get it into his hand, and it also has two interchangeable pieces below the barrel.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips with limited range of motion, swivel-hinged knees hinged and rocker ankles.


Overall, The Aniverse Storm Toad Trooper is an excellent figure and army building character. This is a character that you would need multiples of and make a fun display along with Bucky and the other figures in the line. Look for him to be available anytime now.



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