Jakks Pacific World Of Nintendo 4″ Wave 18 Figures Review


Jakks Pacific kicks off their Super Mario line this year with some new offerings in the 4″ figure scale that will be something that both new collectibles and those already collecting this line happy, as this wave offers both repacks and new characters that you’ll need to round out your collection. This wave includes Mario with POW block, Luigi, Fire Mario, BOO, and Ludwig Von Koopa.

This years New York ToyFair had some good Super Mario reveals, including Boo’s Castle playset in the 2.5″ figure scale, and you can check out the reveals HERE. This Super Mario line in the 2.5″ and 4″ figure scale continues to see repackaged and brand new characters not offered before, such as Ludwig being offered in this wave. This is to give new collectors a chance at obtaining some of the core characters, as well as to give recurring collectors something new. Otherwise, this line would dry up a lot faster than it needs to be, and ensures longevity in stores.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their World Of Nintendo 4″ Wave 18 Figures for review. 

Availability: February 2020

Each figure is packaged on the standard blister card, with Super Mario artwork on the front, an image of the figure and a bio on the back.

Super Mario continues to be a fan-favorite brand and this is a property we are very passionate about. The golden age of video games introduced Super Mario to the world in Nintendo of the 1980’s, and Super Nintendo in the early 1990’s. This is how several generations spent their time, having Mario and/or Luigi go through each level to save the Princess from the evil Bowser. As someone growing up the 1980’s and 1990’s, this was the game to play, and very few games came close to the fun and joy this one had offered.


Mario and Luigi are offered again in different packaging and there are some variations of these two figures out there, such as they were previously given different hand sculpts and so fourth. As someone that spent many hours playing the Super Mario game, it’s great to have multiple variations of Mario and Luigi in these outfits and in their iconic colors, which remain timeless. Both figure are in their plumbers outfits with blue overalls and yellow buttons, white gloves, brown shoes, red and green shirts and hats. There is also the first letter of their name on their caps, with white deco in a circle around it. They also keep their black mustaches, brown hair, and blue eyes. Mario comes with a POW box, and Luigi a yellow star. The articulation on the figures remains standard compared to the previous releases.


Fire Mario is actually one of the most popular variations going back to the classic games, and in this form he could throw fire balls at opponents. The colors on him also change, including red overalls with yellow buttons, a white shirt and cap, and a red M on the front of the cap. He also keeps his black mustaches, brown hair and blue eyes, and is also given a new head sculpt with an open mouth compared to Mario in this wave. The rest of the sculpting is the same, and he comes with a fire plant.


Boo is a classic ghost villain and this figure brings out the likeness exceptionally well. The figure is a ghostly figure sculpt with a tail, and two arms that are swivel-hinged. The facial details include a long tongue that sticks out, sharp teeth, and black eyes that are printed on. Boo comes with a yellow coin as seen in the game, and we can’t help but notice that this figure needs a flying stand or something since he’s always seen hovering, and not just resting on the ground. Since he’s been offered before, something to the scale would be a great way to refresh the character in both the 2.5″ and 4″ figure scales.


Ludwig is one of seven siblings that serve as leaders of the Koopalings, that serve under Bowser himself. Ludwig is also considered high-ranking enough to directly receive orders from and give status reports to Bowser. Ludwig’s character traits, such as his blue hair, upper snout and his eyebrows that are kept at a peculiar angle translate nicely to the figure. He is also given the shell that is painted in blue, orange, beige and white, black bracelets with white spikes, and he includes a magic wand, which becomes his primary weapon of choice against Mario. The wand fits in his right hand, while the left hand is remains closed and fisted.

His articulation includes ball-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged wrists, ball-hinged hips, and ball-hinged ankles.


Overall, Jakks Pacific is offering another great line-up of figures that will surely make fans happy. Ludwig will obviously be the figure of choice for this wave given his stance in the game and how well the likeness translates into plastic. Super Mario fans and collectors will definitely enjoy these figures, which are available now.


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