Bandai America – Q&A With Dragon Ball Brand Team


Bandai America’s team that works on the Dragon Ball line, including Dragon Ball Stars has sent back the questions that we had submitted to them following New York ToyFair. It is highly suggested that fans be as vocal online as possible when it comes to getting the characters that you want in this line. Bandai America is a company that listens to the fanbase, so make sure to reach out to them on social media and let them know what character(s), vehicles, play sets and more you want in the Dragon Ball Stars line.

1. Dragon Ball Super was an incredible show and the characters offered so far in the Dragon Stars line have been great. Do you think some of the more obscure and supporting characters could ever be offered? Such as Future Mai, Kefla, Champa, Botamo, Ribrianne, Anilaza, Belmod, Emperor Pilaf, Dyspo, Topp, Trio of Danger – Basil, Lavender and Bergamo, Obni, Grand Priest/Minister, Zeno and his bodyguards?

Bandai is always listening to our fans of Dragonball and seeks to make the most compelling and fun action figures that we can.  As you know, there is a wealth of characters to choose from and we think of them all- and where we think there is an opportunity to introduce a new character and all the factors at work make sense then we would move forward. It takes a village so to speak and we have some pretty great villagers who are involved.  When we are ready to reveal who will be next- we’ll make sure you know about it!

2. At ToyFair, Tamashii Nations had Captain Ginyu on display and the possibility of adding the complete team of the Ginyu Force to the S.H. Figuarts line. How has fan feedback been about adding Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force to the Dragon Ball Stars line, and would it possible to offer this as a 5 pack?

Similar to my response above… we consider as much as we can in terms of single vs multiple character offerings. Where it makes sense, we’ll definitely have that conversation.

3. At ToyFair, Bandai America had shown a new fighting stage so you can display and pose the figures just like in the show. If this is a success, and it definitely should be, are future diorama sets like this a possibility such as the fighting stage from Dragon Ball Super, and whatever else you guys can think will work?

In general, if a new offering is successful (and we think the fighting stage is great too), then we would definitely sit down and see what similar sets we could offer.

4. In addition to stages, are vehicles a possibility such as Trunk’s time machine, Red Ribbon Battle Suit (Irwin offered one in 2002), and Frieza’s spaceship?

If we hear enough interest from our fans  and our fantastic retail partners as well, we would be happy to consider

5. Could Bandai America expand the line to oversized figures at a higher price point? Such as Great Ape Vegeta, just like what Tamashii Nations is doing for S.H. Figuarts?

If we hear enough interest from our fans  and our fantastic retail partners as well, we would be happy to consider

6. It’s great that you guys got Androids 17 and 18 in this line, but I have to ask about additional Andriods from the Android and Cell Saga’s. What about Android 16, 19 and 20 (Dr. Gero)? What are the chances of them joining the line?

We are always looking to add new and compelling figure offerings to please our fans.. its really a balancing act that depends on how successful each figure may be and our desire to let other characters shine by dropping them into our Dragonstars

7. Are any exclusives or limited figure runs for the Dragon Ball Stars line a possibility for the Bandai USA online store?


8. If and when Bandai can get to King Cold, is there any chance he could be an oversized figure (meaning taller than some of the other figures), and come as a 2-pack with Cyborg Frieza? Also, could a bonus accessory be offered such as Trunk’s sword?

If we hear enough interest from our fans  and our fantastic retail partners as well, we would be happy to consider

9. One thing that is not offered enough of is the chance to army build for Dragon Ball Z characters. Would offering one of Frieza’s henchmen with several interchangeable heads and arms be a possibility to create more than one character? Another suggestion would be to offer the Cell Juniors, the little blue version of Cell as seen in the Cell Games, and offer these 4-6 per pack.

If we hear enough interest from our fans  and our fantastic retail partners as well, we would be happy to consider

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