Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Marvel Legends Age Of Apocalypse & The Mandalorian Figures

Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Marvel Legends Age Of Apocalypse & The Mandalorian Figures


Kokomo Toys have updated their eBay Storefront with new listings that include Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 6″ Age of Apocalypse Wave 1 figures, that are available at auction, and The Mandalorian The Black Series The Child Figure. All auctions include free domestic shipping, and make sure to support small business during this time.

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You may think that’s Master Yoda, but it’s not. It’s The Child from the Disney+ The Mandalorian TV series! Scaled to fit in with your other 6-inch tall action figures, your Force-powerful little green friend stands about 1 1/2-inches tall and features 7 points of articulation – head, shoulders, hands, and feet. But that’s not all. This fantastic Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian The Child Action Figure also comes with bone broth bowl, a shift knob, and a desert toad. Add “Baby Yoda” (as fans like to call it) to your collection while you can! Ages 4 and up.

Baby Yoda, it is not, but that’s what many Star Wars fans have taken to calling this 50-year-old member of the Jedi Master’s species who is likewise powerful with the Force. One of only two other known members of Yoda’s unnamed species, The Child is a small toddler found and protected by the Mandalorian in the Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series.



With the Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic and movie-based Marvel characters. Each figure features detailed articulation, sculpting, and deco.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey can read and project thoughts and stun opponents with pure psionic force.


Scorching ionized plasma allows Sunfire to fly, protect himself, and blast his enemies.

Weapon X

Armed with adamantium claws and superhuman healing abilities, Weapon X joins the battle against Apocalypse.


Nate Grey travels between dimensions armed with astonishing psychic powers.

Wild Child

Enhanced regeneration and superhuman senses make Wild Child an excellent tracker.

Dark Beast

Dr. Henry McCoy constantly experiments on himself to enhance his superhuman powers.


A natural mimic, Kevin Sydney transforms himself into any shape at will.

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