Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batsub With Batman & Killer Croc Figures


Fisher-Price is now offering a new Imaginext DC Super Friends Batsub set with Batman & Killer Croc Figures that is available on Amazon and Wal-Mart for $24.97. The sub features a claw that can capture Killer Croc and hold him inside the cage on the back. This is one of the newest additions to the line, and is available now.

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Batman patrols the shores of Gotham City in his fully loaded Batsub. When K. Croc swims into town and tries to launch an attack, Batman races into action. Using the Batsub’s claw, young crimefighters can capture K. Croc, trap him in the cage and help Batman tow the Super-Villain to jail. Kids can recreate their favorite DC Comics stories, and imagine new ones of their own, with this Imaginext DC Super Friends Batsub vehicle and figure set from Fisher-Price. Imaginext Imagine What’s Next! (Not intended for use in water.)