Diamond Select Toys – Marvel Minimates Guardians Of The Galaxy Series 79 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys is offering a brand new Guardians Of The Galaxy wave that is out now, and these are inspired as they appeared in the comics. This wave includes Starlord with Adam Warlock, Gamora with Darkhawk, and Cosmic Ghost Rider with Angela. In addition, this wave also gives you that build-a-minimate of Moondragon.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Guardians Of The Galaxy Series 79 Minimates for review. 

Availability: June 2020


Adam Warlock and Star-Lord are packaged together and make quite the pairing. Star-Lord is offered with his blue and white jacket for the first time in the line, as opposed to the red Ravagers jacket that came with all the other versions him. The jacket includes a yellow flame on the chest, and he has grey pants, brown boots, and an interchangeable mask/hair piece so you can see his face. Also included are two blasters.

Adam Warlock is given a great sculpt and deco, and he is in his red, gold and black outfit with a gold painted face, and yellow hair. The cape is gold on the inside, and red on the outside, and his chest has a yelow lightning bolt. Included is a staff.


I think it’s time for us to pay closer attention to new issues of Marvel Comics, as Cosmic Ghost Rider has been getting a lot of plastic treatment lately. Frank Castle is the new Ghost Rider and its a fun character design, with elements of both The Punisher, such as his white and black symbol on his chest, red shoulder pads with spikes, grey and black arms and legs, and an interchangeable dome helmet and flame pieces. Included is a flaming whip and a blaster.

Angela is given a great new Minimate and I think it’s her best one yet. She comes in her gold armored outfit, with some silver armor, brown shorts, red hair, a gold head piece, gold and red wrist bands. The head includes some red deco along the sides, and the forehead has the gold head piece. Included is a sword.


Gamora is offered in her white, black and red uniform and has some very nice details on it. The outfit has a lot of painted lines in the white parts, and her head sculpt offers her likeness with a green face and hair. Included is a sword and a pistol.

Nighthawk comes in his dark blue, black, and silver outfit, with some red deco, such as on the visor on his face. His arms have wings, and his right forearm has a claw. Included is a flying stand.

All figures come with an acrylic base.


Moondragon is offered as a build-a-minimate, meaning when you buy all three sets, you get parts in each set to build this figure. It’s a concept that’s 18 years old now in another Marvel line. Moondragon makes her Minimates debut and comes in her dark green outfit, including a cape with a hood around her back of her head, and nicely done lines on her chest and facial details. The figure is bald and the peg hole on the head was left. She does not include any accessories or even an acrylic base.

Overall, Minimates 79 is a great offering and gives you some great updates and new characters. Cosmic Ghost Rider is definitely a personal favorite. Go buy this wave as you will surely enjoy it.


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