NECA Toys Toony Terrors Series 3 Ash, Count Orlok & The Nun Figures Review


The Toony Terrors line by NECA Toys has become a fun addition to their regular offerings with this new animated style of classic horror characters. These figures are 6″ scaled and have limited amount of articulation, and are meant to look like they’re from an animated series as opposed to a live-action horror film.  This wave includes Ash from Evil Dead, The Nun from The Conjuring, and Count Orlok (Nosferatu).

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Toony Terrors Series 3 Figures for review. 

Availability: May 2020

The Toony Terror figures are packaged on a blister card packaging with a bonus cutout backdrop that are based on their film. Just like the figures, the backdrops are also animated inspired and can be used for display behind the figures as shown in the gallery.

The Nun, also known as the demon Valak, is a great addition to this line and there is a lot to love about the design. Valak is sculpted in a running pose with both of his feet off the ground, and a piece of his outfit sculpted flat on the bottom so he can stand and be positioned in this pose. Both of his knees are bent, and his arms are depicted as long with clawed hands. He is sculpted and painted in a nun’s uniform and is mostly black and white, with a gold chain with a cross around his neck, and a brown belt around his waist. His skin tone is also pale, and his head sculpt is by far some of the best sculpting on this figure. His demonic expression, sharp teeth, and glaring eyes look fantastic on him. The articulation includes a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, and a swivel waist. Included is a painting.


Count Orlok is a character that you normally don’t see in plastic form, and he fits in nicely in the Toony Terrors line. The character keeps his iconic look as seen in Nosferatu, and looks the part of a Vampire as seen in the film. The figure is sculpted in a brown coat with black buttons, a black shirt, pants and shoes. The skin tone looks great and the attention to details on the head and hands, especially the facial expression such as his glaring eyes, mouth with two teeth, and the pointy ears. His hands are oversized with long fingers and nails, which is a great touch. His articulation includes a swivel neck, and swivel shoulders, swivel-hinged wrists. The legs are made of a soft plastic, and on this particular figure the left leg and foot are bent and causes some difficulty standing. Included is a rat.


Ash is such a great character and an even better addition to the line. With Freddy and Jason in wave 1, we needed Ash in this line to keep the demons, deadites and other monsters in line. Ash keeps the likeness of Actor Bruce Campbell and this design works well for the character. Ash is in his iconic blue shirt, brown pants, and black shoes, and he also has the shotgun holster on his back with straps around his chest. The chainsaw is attached to his right wrist, and is painted in red, black and grey, with a grey blade. The shotgun is removable from his back and can be placed in his left hand. The head sculpt is nicely done and the red lines to indicate blood on his face is a nice touch. His articulation includes a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel left elbow, and swivel hips. The shotgun holster can also swivel on his back. A fourth wave is also coming and includes Beetlejuice, Victor Crowley (Hatchet), Regan (The Exorcist), and Sam (Trick ‘r Treat).

Overall, the Toony Terrors are great figures and have excellent sculpts with a friendly cartoon appearance. Fans of these characters that want something new should definitely look to pick these up as these will make great additions to your collection. Look for these in stores now,  or support us and our sponsors by clicking off one of the stores listed below.


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