LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter 75275 Set Review


LEGO is offering a special edition release with their Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter 75275 Set that is available now exclusively at the LEGO Shop. The A-Wing Starfighter is inspired from its appearance in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and features 1,673-pieces and measures 10.5″ tall with a display stand that measures 16.5” long and 10” wide. The set comes with an A-Wing Pilot mini-figure that is exclusive to this set, and he has a two sided facial expressions and comes with a helmet and a pistol.

In the video below, we give you an in-depth look at the A-Wing Starfighter including the completion after each of the steps, and at the end we finish with off with a final look at the completion of the set, including the features and more. Check it out!




Thank you to The LEGO Group for providing their Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter 75275 Set for review. 

Availability: May 2020

The A-Wing Starfighter is packaged in a special edition black box, with nicely done photography and images of the vehicle itself on the front, sides and back. The packaging is nicely detailed and the photography and artwork really bring out the exclusivity of this set. You’re going to want to keep this box as it helps with the value even if the set is built, and it’s just cool to have.

The A-Wing Starfighter measures 10.5” , including display stand, 16.5” long and 10″ wide making it a fairy large set, which you’d expect given the design. The set includes 1,673 pieces that are used to build it, including an exclusive A-Wing Pilot mini-figure with two facial expressions. The A-Wing features pivoting laser cannons, a removable canopy, and swivel top and bottom wings.

The cockpit is where you seat the A-Wing Pilot mini-figure and in the video we mention how the chair looks a little big for this figure, as he bounces around in it if the vehicle is moved, but we also want to mention that the chair is also proportional to the size of the vehicle and fits in nicely with the overall design. The canopy is easy to take off and on, and connects with the red piece behind it. The chair can also move forward and back, and to place the canopy back on, the chair needs to be pushed forward.

The stand is nicely done and includes a base with a label with some details about the A-Wing, as well as some pegs for the pilot to stand on when he’s not in the cockpit. The stand also pivots, allowing the A-Wing to be posed straight, and on an angle as if it’s turning or avoiding hitting something. That’s a great feature and something we didn’t expect. In the video, we demonstrate how exactly it works, so make sure to watch that.

Overall, The A-Wing Starfighter is a beautiful set and something you definitely need to add to your LEGO Star Wars collection. It is beautifully detailed and one of the best Star Wars offerings this year. Make sure to pick it up while it’s available, and while you’re at it check out some other sets currently available at the LEGO Shop.